Blackpool Headland Arena – 25-27 August 2017

Limited tickets (from £30/£35) still available from:

Blackpool’s Livewire Festival has announced the support acts for its inaugural year, which will feature Motown legends The Jacksons, who have just wowed Glastonbury audiences, as well as the first ever UK live performance for Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Kicking off for The Jacksons on Friday 25th August will be British soul legends The Christians and Mica Paris. The support for Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff on Saturday 27th August will feature the legendary party-starter Fatman Scoop and UK dance duo Phats and Small. Blackpool girl group Tiger-S will also be bringing their fresh pop stylings to the final night.

The Saturday line-up already comes fully formed, with a poptastic selection of acts from Pete Waterman’s Hit Factory Liveincluding Jason Donovan, Pepsi & Shirlie, Sinitta, Sam Fox, Brother Beyond, Undercover plus guests Go West.

The Christians have been described as “The Temptations with ripped jeans”, whose ‘socially-aware soul music’ made an impact on popular culture in the 1980s. 2017 is the 30th anniversary of their self-titled multi-platinum debut album.

Mica Paris is the Queen of UK soul music, as well as a respected actor, radio and TV presenter. She has just released a new album ‘Mica sings Ella’, a tribute to the music of Ella Fitzgerald.

Everyone will recognise Fatman Scoop’s gargantuan hit ‘Be Faithfull’, and so many party tunes he features on with P.Diddy, 50 Cent, or Timbaland to name a few.

Dance music duo Phats and Small are best known for their international hit ‘Turn Around’. Since forming in the late 1990s they have continued to work with the biggest and best in electronic music including Carl Cox, Daft Punk and Jean Michelle Jarre.

Ben Ofoedu, of Phats and Small, said: “We are thrilled to be sharing the stage with two legends, to us it’s the stuff that dreams are made of. Only last year we were watching from the crowd whilst the great DJ Jazzy Jeff tore down a club in Amsterdam with an incredible DJ set. 27th Aug will not only see us supporting the man himself but also his partner in rhyme the legendary Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince. We are proud to say that for Phats and Small it definitely puts our summer summer time on smash, we can’t wait!!!”

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4 days ago

Livewire Festival

LIVEWIRE FESTIVAL 2018 coming soon.
23/24/25/26th August
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Reece Jackson-Orr

Sarah Newsom

Billy Robinson

Michelle Crowder

Nina Cole wonder what the line up is!!

Mark Smith wonder who it will be next year!

Christopher Wilson Mark Richardson Rebecca Richardson eyes peeled guys xxx

Medwen Edwards Sheila Davies nothing could beat Will Smith but can't wait to make a weekend of it this time 🙂 x

Kerrie-Anne Thorn

Mikala Hurd

Hoping you'll have the bar sorted after the shambles at Will Smith!

Paul Weatherson Gary Bousfield

Rachel Cressey Bethany Rushby Megan Samantha Penelope Brand Lauren Salter

Can't imagine who it could be. Probably The Chuckle Brothers 🤷🏼‍♂️

Will it be filmed next year and put to DVD ? Hope you get the Jacksons back

Claire Martin

Louise Ann excited

Sammy Dolan will anything ever top seeing Will Smith!!!xx

Claire Breakwell Paul Grainger Danny Breakwell 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞 for Will and Jazzy . I would love to go back and wait 4 hours for a can of cider that costs a tenner and then NOT sleep due to chavvy arguing shaggers 😋 but what a blast we had hey !!!! 🎤🕺💃🍻🥂🍷🥃

Charlotte Carruthers 😮 xx

Daryl Bell

Ryan Tom? Fancy it again 😛 hahaha

Michelle Hazelgrove Lucy Goodwin

Luke Kerins, book it off work!! 😂

Jasmin Bear 😊

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3 months ago

Livewire Festival

Hope you enjoyed the Livewire Festival 2017. ... See MoreSee Less

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Lisamarie Edwards

Me and my gf loved it we both hope it happens again next year

We went on the Sunday, it was brilliant!!! x

I never understand why the gigs are never released, or uploaded online, if they have been filmed? Would be nice keepsake or to reminisce sometimes

We went on Sunday and saw will smith x he was amazing x the bar cue how ever was taking the piss, 2 hours for drink for people to push in front of you, nearly a bloody riot, and to be £6 for a pint , really put a downer on the day, needs to be better organised I mean 1 bar for 20,000 people??

Went on the Sunday one was the best night ever!! Will smith was just the best and staying on my feet at 36 weeks pregnant was my mission and it was accomplished 😂😂 but will made my night!!

Tim Price Ewan Alman Kevin Tasker Kim Fisher 1:42 its us getting a selfie!!!

Tom Johnson

Went on the Friday and Sunday. Bloody awesome. Roll on next year! 😊

Steph Mosley Dominic Crowley

Emma McMackin

Benji Akers just after 3:40 you see Danielle and matt lol! X

Sunday was just a surreal moment.

The saturday was great fun and hardly any bar queue, price was pretty much expected. Look forward to next year's line up being released

Rachel Herod

We went on the Sunday.. amazing times..only one very small downside was that we wanted water but none of the vendors were allowed to sell it only the bar and as the queue was so big we couldnt wait so had to buy coke and fanta.. maybe a seperate bar selling just water as not everyone wants beer.. This isnt a criticism of the day or the organisation in any way as you should be congratulated!

we went on sunday to see will. Very disappointed with VIP tickets..... if we had more info about tickets I wud Hav chosen gold circle. They had a much better view for half the price.

Carl Stuchbury Anna Stuchbury Vikki Middleton

R the Blackpool ones going to be released on DVD just wanted a keepsake for my husband as it would be a special Xmas gift for him for certain reasons I can't explain on here thanks

Emily Hutchison

Amazing! Can I ask who captured the footage and made this film Livewire Festival ? 😁 thanks in advance x

Emma Curran

Sarah Smith

Daniel Martin

Sunday was awesome, all acts including Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff were amazing, the big screens were too low down for us at the big speakers to see anything though!!

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