Glastonbury Festival news: We’re about to go live on BBC 6 Music from the Pyramid with Laurenl Laverne. Tun…

Latest update from Glastonbury Festival

We’re about to go live on BBC 6 Music from the Pyramid with Laurenl Laverne. Tune in!

Glastonbury Festival (official)


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It’s a glorious, frosty morning on the farm. ...

It’s a glorious, frosty morning on the farm.

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"cold and frosty morning, there's not a lot to say about the things caught in my mind"... Oasis. Those were the hey days of Glasto

Oasis released (What’s the story) morning glory 25 years ago this year. Time to celebrate?

I'd love to look at how the flora have changed in the field over the last 50 years - there's for sure a selective pressure on plants under feet that should mean hardier grasses are selected for over repeat seasons, even with the fallow years? You might even see certain genes being preferentially expressed as the plants respond to their environment by up-regulating different proteins to adapt to a more changeable environment. Would be a neat research project.

Be even more glorious if you could give me 2 tickets so I could celebrate my 40th birthday at Glastonbury 50th 😉👍🏻

Well there is grass and we know Supergrass will be announced but that does assume the frosty bit is irrelevant si I'm not sure.

Celebrate by checking out Sister Psychosis, Alan McGhees signing for his new Creation 23 label, single out 8th May.

It's a reference to frosty the snowman playing the legend slot on Sunday afternoon you 'melts'

That is beautiful!

It’s a clue to the last headliner everyone, can only mean one thing and Snow Patrol will be playing the Sunday night 😉

I’m 50 this year Glastonbury, you are 50 this year...tried and failed to get tickets, will try again in April. It’s got to be!!!!!!

Anybody going solo this year...I'm looking for some peeps to share the experience with! Weirdos need not reply 😁

Even the grass looks bored.... Bored obviously thinking about the droll auditory bashing from the geriatric Scouse it's going to be forced to endure on the Saturday night!

reference to Don't go away by Oasis ? OASIS REUNION CONFIRMED

not long until the eco hypocrites destroy it. I wonder what the carbon footprint is of a festival with all those bands flying in? Does Glasto still have a helipad?

What's the story, morning glory?

Can't. Bloody. Wait. 👌

Could conditions turn Arctic?🤔

Gis 4 tickets!

Forget about the frost, who’s the last headliner?


Praying I come this year

No Fences in place, looks like an easy break in lads should April fail Andrew Lapham Rory David

David James Algar Victoria Stoodley Nathan Fox Jake James-Knell Jerome Kreule is this a clue?!

Coldplay again.

not long to go lads

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Fancy working at Glastonbury 2020? Applications are open now for full-time paid work for chefs and kitchen assistants in the crew catering team.

Fancy working at Glastonbury 2020? Applications are open now for full-time paid work for chefs and kitchen assistants in the crew catering team. 

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Breakfast,lunch and dinner !!! Heathens 😉🖕

I’ll do your food safety management & training for you but my days of rattling pots & pans are long gone 🙄😅😅

You had experience with Yann. Great recommendation surely!

If annual leave wasn’t a problem for this year, Helen - we should totally do this another year?! x

I remember this crew catering being healthy and substantial food.

Breakfast dinner tea just saying

It's dinner and tea

Would love to organise a sunrise shoot from Glastonbury Festival (official) 🌅

I want in....30 plus years experience in 8 countrys.large catering

Lauren Simmons Terence Large would be cool if you two came! We can try for tickets for you in the resale in April anyway, be a wicked birthday for you Lauren! Your birthday is the Thursday

How about those who have been going since 1972 (intermittently) but for the last 3 years haven't been able to get a ticket in the lottery....

Didn’t everyone have dinner ladies at school? Just saying 🤔😉

Any room for a fully quantified pot noodle chef. I can also do other makes of noodles, and am witting to tackle toast if you offer additional training....

All day Breakfast 7am to 7 30 pm job done.

Rachael Brewis Smith you love working and you've asked about working there before ?? X

Cameron Eves want to dish out the food?! Actually just seen it’s working May - July pretty full on!

Bruce could feed everyone tatties 🙌🍽

Rachel how amazing would this be for you!

Do you need a taster i am free

Who has dinner at teatime, cant work there now, that's weird

Hey can't leave your mamma behind lol xx

Breakfast Dinner Tea

Be warned!! It's bloody HOT in those kitchens!!! Lol

Emily Tyndall only if they’re happy with a rotation of Thai green curry, bolog, and a stir fry

Jason Aspden I'm going to apply you game brother gets us in the festival 😍 xxx

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Wishing you all a very merry and peaceful Christmas, from everyone at Worthy Farm.

(📷 Jason Bryant)

Wishing you all a very merry and peaceful Christmas, from everyone at Worthy Farm.

(📷 Jason Bryant)

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Lovely picture of a beautiful place, one day I will make it back there and it the meantime I have some awesome memories and lifelong friends. Thanks Glasto 😍

Merry Christmas Emily and Dave, I sure hope Santa brings me a couple of tickets..

Straight back at you Glastonbury. Merry Christmas. I do reckon Micheal Eavis is Santa, he works magic.

Best wishes to everyone at worthy farm cheer🍸🍺🍸🍺

Happy Christmas Micheal , never forget your protection and kindness, Love to all the family now and your Spurs F.C . lol

Happy Christmas everyone. See you all in the fields in 6 months time xx

Merry Christmas to you all. 🍹🍾🍸🍺 lots of love xxx

Splendid shot Jason Bryant. Many happy returns Glassto.

Lets hope santa brings me a ticket, what an awful xmas it would be knowing its the first pilton since 1992....😢

merry xmas to all at Worthy Farm...xxxxxxxxxxxxx

And to you all. Thank you. ❤

Merry Christmas see you in June 💖

Can’t wait for the hubster to open it tomorrow. Pretty sure he’ll see himself in a pic 😜

Merry Christmas you lovely lot xx

When you receive the amazing Glastonbury 50 book as a gift at Christmas eve😍✨🎄

Merry Christmas !Love and happiness for you all in the New Year xx

Got the book as an Xmas prezzie! Looking forward to being there for 2020, first time this century (since 98)!

Merry Xmas Glastonbury - Love you lots xx

Merry Christmas lots of love from DJ x

What a magical place. Unbelievable. Must be the ley lines !!

Merry Christmas to all the farms at Glastonbury festival

Merry Christmas 🌲❄️☃️🥳

Bless you all xx

We are enjoying Dolly Parton Glastonbury on TV!

Merry Xmas

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Check out Stormzy’s new video for Do Better to see behind-the-scenes at his incredible #Glastonbury2019 performance! ...

Video image

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This was such an amazing performance! Such a highlight of Glastonbury 2019!

I’m torn that I missed him. But Tame Impala at The Other Stage was so perfect. My fav concert of the year

Jonny Rudd

Miranda Cecil I want to relive last year again now

No thanks

Baxter Pickard

Sam Tebbatt




Grace Clothier 😍

Commercialized poo

Tame the cure was brilliant

Apparently in an interview in Italy you said "great Britain is 100% racist". Well if you hate it that much.. Jog on!!!! ✈️✈️

I’d love to.... however, I’m busy slamming my testicles in a drawer which is a better use of my time than watching the late (🤞) Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr shout...

All the socialist 👊💦💦 can celebrate their great election victory with the prick.

Talking so much breeze about the election. Oh wait first time voting at 26!

Complete rubbish

no thanks

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Our acclaimed book celebrating 50 years of Glastonbury Festival is now back in stock everywhere - get it from or your local bookshop! ...

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If a rock band wants to sing live on Glastonbury festival where can I send the application??? Thank you!

And what a cracking book it is too ... brilliant xmas present for anyone thats ever been 🙂

Niels When you are waiting for christmas 😂😂😭

Ordered! 🎄

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Alyson Lee 📖 👍

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