Glastonbury Festival news: We’re about to go live on BBC 6 Music from the Pyramid with Laurenl Laverne. Tun…

Latest update from Glastonbury Festival

We’re about to go live on BBC 6 Music from the Pyramid with Laurenl Laverne. Tune in!

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The second print of our Glastonbury 50 book has arrived, which means it should be back in stock in bookshops & online!

The second print of our Glastonbury 50 book has arrived, which means it should be back in stock in bookshops & online! 

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£9.99 from the book people

Claire Cox second print lol...has to be a 3rd as your 50th year hasn’t happened and not yet in your book!

------ is there a chapter on how to buy a ticket ?

Michelle Smith

Bought this for my son for Christmas- didn’t realise it had sold out

Cracking book..highly recommended!!


Well done to everyone l who got a camper pitch! If anyone still needs a motorhome hire check out we have a few left x

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We are incredibly excited to announce that Paul McCartney will headline the Pyramid Stage on the Saturday night of Glastonbury 2020. ...

We are incredibly excited to announce that Paul McCartney will headline the Pyramid Stage on the Saturday night of Glastonbury 2020.

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I saw him last time he played there. A muddy one and I wasn't even that bothered to trudge down there. But by God he owned that main stage on the Saturday night.

Crazy all these people complaining about a Beatle headlining Since I missed out on tickets I think about it daily that I may not go and I'm devastated. Just be happy you are going

What a disappointment. Great in his prime but should have packed in 20 years ago. Was an embarrassment at London 2012 Olympics and sure he will be worse now

Who remembers the Olympics wasn't he performing and was awful

Looks like someone’s Nan posing for a picture with a PlayStation guitar hero on Christmas Day

Defo be on the red button that night then looking for something else to watch ,,,, hopefully fatboy or chemicals 🤟

Cue all the people mugging this off despite the fact he was a member of the most famous/popular bands ever that paved the way for all muic after, with a catalogue of songs longer than anyone else 😂😂

People year on year moan about the line up. If you don’t like it let your ticket go up for resale. If you don’t have a ticket your opinion is invalid

I'll be elsewhere then. I've done it before, gone to see a legend because I felt I should then not enjoyed it so I know there will be plenty on the other stages.

I can't believe how nasty some people are. This wonderful Hippy festival has turned into people constantly slagging each other off and being nasty. I just don't get it. I've just read a comment by someone saying hopefully he might die by next year!!! What the hell! Ive got tickets and I never,ever complain about who is performing! I have been lots of times,when I have preferred the music one particular year, but you can't keep ALL those people 100 percent happy with all the different music tastes. Wishing People would die. Is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! I can't wait to go as I was lucky to get tickets and I can't wait to see the rest of the acts be announced! 😭🤦😭

Would have been more excited if you announced talking heads or massive attack !!!

Let’s be positive everyone, let’s hope the Other stage has something better to offer.

I'm guessing they are trying to get more people to the other stages on Saturday night?

Can you ask him to keep “hey Jude” to a tight 35 minutes this time. In 2005 we were still on the last chorus on Boxing Day.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who are unfortunate enough to have to endure half an hour of ‘Hey Jude’ 🙏

anyone opening a book on how long 'Hey Jude' will last? I'll have a fiver on 15mins. Get yer la-las out everyone!

Kinda glad I didn't get tickets now.

ok Macca isn't everyone's taste....but... his and Lennon's writing influenced nearly every band from the 70's through to the late 90's....Guns n Roses, Metallica, Queen, Led Zepplin, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, AC/DC, Black Sabbath.. and hundreds if not thousands more bands put their influences down to The Beatles...ok Macca's solo stuff never really got the same following but....he's one of the most iconic rock/pop figures of the last 50 years....

Probably one of the best musicians to walk the planet, would love to see him

Last time he played the Saturday night slot at Glastonbury was the best gig of my life. Fantastic choice for the 50th!

More of a legend slot than Saturday headliner 😬 shan’t bother in the resale now

I saw Macca a few years ago and it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to Very disappointed that I couldn’t get a Ticket for Glasto this year 😟

Diana ross and now paul mccartney ...they digging up elvis for the friday

Anyone who is actually going to Glasto - there are probably a few of them on here - and who doesn’t feel like sharing a Saturday evening with a Beatle well, there are plenty of other acts on at the same time, so enjoy yourselves.....

Seen him twice in recent years (despite not been a massive fan) and on both occasions absolutely outstanding. His touring band are exceptionally good, they’ve had decades of practice after all. It’ll be a polished, professional show, with a 19 minute Hey Jude outro! As always, plenty other stages for those who don’t want to see him.

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Better still, Go down the pub.

Register to vote...go to labour on 12th December

Glastonbury Festival (official) can i please get a contact for you ASAP. the Admin on Are trying to shut down any posts that encourage anyone to vote. We posted nothing about who to vote for. i can PM you all the info.

Fantastic advice. Hopefully if the labour policy of broadband for everyone goes through, more people will stand a chance of getting one of the tickets to Glastonbury in the future.

What’s this got to with Glastonbury?

Voting Tory! Registered, thanks for reminding me!

please please please make a difference

Breda Galligan hope you have done it 🥳🥳

Am I the only one here thinking there is a subliminal message in the background to hint the headliners?

Stop the badge cull Mr Eavis

Labour are finished...they should have got shot of Corbyn...

Don't forget 5pm tonight is the deadline for a postal vote if needed

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🥳 #Glastonbury50 ...

🥳 #Glastonbury50

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£12.99 from TheBookPeople

£25 in waterstones

Bought one for my daughter and she found herself in one of the 1990's photos


Have to wait until Christmas to get mine!

I got two copies. One signed one to read 😀

This is great but I'm a bit confused why they didn't wait until next years 50th festival and incorporate that. Seems like the perfect conclusion for the book.

Ordered one from waterstones so I could enter the draw for a festival ticket (hint hint 😉)

---- is it easier to buy one of these than your ticket system ?

I love my book so very much remember all the early days difficulties with the council Such a beautiful thing to own thank you to my Son Sean for spoiling me with one i’ll treasure it ALWAYS

Got mine ^_^

There you are Ramona Momo! X

It's a great read Eve Boatman! X

Fionnghuala Malone Pete Donnachie Rose Donnachie(mike)

It’s such a beautiful book ❤️


Announce Liam Gallagher

Awesome Book

So what!

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