Glastonbury Festival news: We are so saddened to hear the news about the passing of Keith Flint. He’s playe…

Latest update from Glastonbury Festival

We are so saddened to hear the news about the passing of Keith Flint. He’s played here so many times over the years with the Prodigy and was booked to play this year. What an incredible frontman, he gave us all so much life and energy. Here’s a clip from ‘97 when they became the first dance band to headline Glastonbury – a huge moment for us which we will never forget.

Glastonbury Festival (official)


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Glastonbury Festival (official)

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Love this

Hi Emily. I didn’t receive the three tickets you promised the other day. Inbox me please. Thanks Hun. Kean

Thibaut Fichers

James Rendell

Getting excited

Adam Neil

If anyone has a ticket for sale can you mesSage me please

When I found Stormzy headlining this year I’m not gutted that I didn’t managed to get a ticket at all.

Are those rain clouds?????

Are those rain clouds?????

Hopefully you’ll look like the photo on it 🤔

Just one of the tors Dave 😂

Chloe Delianis how excited are you getting?

Ashley O'Connell wonder what this is!!

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Coming to this years Festival? Please remember to…


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Needs to be a massive Take your Tent Home, Dont Send it to Landfill campaign too! The number of people who claim that their tent will be donated to charity if they leave it is unreal

Love this....can the design be bought at the festival? Would love this on a canvas

Just because it's a cow Megan Smith

There seems to be general malaise about how we treat our surroundings. Does not only apply to this festival. Wild times and wild camping often means that consideration for others is too much effort. Peace on this planet.

Don't know why they bother to keep saying this. A lot of people don't take any notice. Glastonbury is the worst festival I've been to for litter and for people leaving their crap behind.

Liam Knight Pringle city

And if you see people pissing on the land/in the streams/hedges, go and have a word. Anyone can say 'love the farm' to people who already agree with them, and feel all nice about themselves, but making a difference requires being prepared to be uncomfortable sometimes.

Can we have this on a T shirt please👌🤞👌

Anyone selling a ticket please message me

Our motto when we wild camp so definitely will be at Glastonbury Festival 2019!!! Can’t wait....😃

Ha ha. With the numerous thoughtless selfish gimps who go there you’ll be lucky! To those who leave no trace good one you.

Love this artwork!! Yes Glasto! Only a month to go EEEEE

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38 thoughts on “Glastonbury Festival news: We are so saddened to hear the news about the passing of Keith Flint. He’s playe…

  1. Please keep their slot Prodigy related! Maybe Liam could rock out a tribute DJ set or even just replay the 97 set on big screens? The perfect showman – will be missed massively in the music world, such an influence to so many of us! Very sad news x

  2. 17 year old me at Glasto 1995. Shaped my entire existence especially the Friday NME headline show. In a bit of a spin with this news. A huge influence has burnt out. We love you so much Keith Prodigy xxx

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