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Glastonbury Festival news: So, after much consideration given the current circumstances, and with the best …

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Glastonbury Festival news: So, after much consideration given the current circumstances, and with the best …

Latest update from Glastonbury Festival

So, after much consideration given the current circumstances, and with the best of intentions, here is the first list of musical acts for Glastonbury 2020.

As things stand we are still working hard to deliver our 50th anniversary Festival in June and we are very proud of the bill that we have put together over the last year or so. No one has a crystal ball to see exactly where we will all be 15 weeks from now, but we are keeping our fingers firmly crossed that it will be here at Worthy Farm for the greatest show on Earth!

As always this is just a taste of what is to come, we plan to announce many more artists and attractions, area by area, over the coming weeks leading up to the full line-up in May.

In the meantime we post this with much love to all.


Glastonbury Festival (official)


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Goodnight all. Hope you had the best #GlastoAtHome weekend. Thanks to all our areas & stages for their amazing virtual efforts, and to the BBC for doing such a great job with the coverage. #Glastonbury2020

Pic: Andrew Allcock
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Goodnight all. Hope you had the best #GlastoAtHome weekend. Thanks to all our areas & stages for their amazing virtual efforts, and to the BBC for doing such a great job with the coverage. #Glastonbury2020 

Pic: Andrew Allcock

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Loved it a lot. Thank you BBC for reminding us of how important live music is and also the BBC.

It’s been great. Bringing back some amazing memories. Round of applause for Michael and Emily Evis and ofcourse the BBC for bringing home what is the best festival on earth.

Brilliant coverage but I have to admit Bowie has musically walked my life with me so tonight was epic 🥰

Great coverage on t.v and I player. I've been to at least 25 Glastonbury Festivals and loved them all. The last one was the Bowie one shown last night. I'm now 76years old and probably don't have the techie skills to get a ticket, if there are any for next year but think there's a good case now for BBC 2 to have non stop 24hr coverage of the whole Festival, in all its various forms, then we can all feel as if we are really there. Love to all, stay safe. X

Beyonce. Cold play. Adele Chic featuring Nile Rogers Bowie. Among the very best performance put on by the BBC... Seeing David Bowies performance for the first time was incredible both band and artist were amazing to watch and listen to.

It was great, thank you to the BBC. Still got a couple of things left to watch, Amy and Ed. My other half said he still felt that proper 'after feeling' last night when it finshed!

Brilliant...thank you to the BBC and the Eavis family. Long Live LIVE Music. All brilliant ..Highlights Brian WIlson and David Bowie

It was great being able to see acts again - some from years ago.... I loved the Sunday legends replay:)

It was a brilliant weekend BBC, some great memories from years gone by. My feet don’t hurt from walking and standing for hours, I had a shower every day, I got plenty of sleep in my own bed. But I can’t wait til we’re all back at Worthy Farm next year, and that Monday feeling is one of exhausted euphoria as we all gradually return to our daily lives after a week of pure escapism 😊

Was fantastic, reliving some cherished memories, cant wait to get back down the farm and create some more 🤞fingers crossed I somehow get tickets for next year..!

We absolutely loved it. Hugely raised our spirits. Lots of dad dancing and singing going on in our house. Just fantastic. 🙏

Brilliant weekend Thank you BBC and Glastonbury next year will be epic back in the field roll on x

Thanks to the BBC for the memories. Especially 2016 when Adale played. Really good set.

It has been an incredible weekend so long up all the feels and memories. The heart has loved, danced and embraced, roll on #Glasto2021

Absolutely loved it, bringing back some memories, Coldplay especially, and Nile Rodgers, fantastic performances.

It was awesome, and the Julien Temple documentary was out of this world - exactly what we needed. As most of Glastonbury for us is away from the main stages we were desperate for things aside from big acts to indulge in 💖

Some fantastic memories of the most epic festival known to man. I love you guys and thank you x

Thank you for the music.🙏 Especially the full Bowie set and some other classic sets that I was at but have never seen. The set I want to see the most? Jeff Buckley on the NME.

Thank you so much, absolutely loved the BBC coverage, there was something for everyone and completed our Glasthomebury. Highlights were Florence on Saturday, obvs Bowie last night and for anyone who has not yet seen the Julien Temple film you are in for an amazing journey through the glasto-time machine. Special people special place - Glastonbury we love you 🥳❤️😉 x

A fabulous weekend of music. Beyoncé was phenomenal, Adele fabulous. Also enjoyed watching ELO, Kylie, David Bowie, highlights of the Boss and the legends programme. Also been watching various clips on YouTube including Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney and the Wombles!!

I don’t thank BBC much these days, but in the absence of the actual festival this year #GlastoAtHome was a real treat! Thanks to all, it made for a lovely weekend and I’ll continue watching performances for as long as they remain available on iPlayer. I suggest...don’t delete them until next year!!

Brilliant showing of numerous acts. Thank you BBC 2 and I-Player for such great coverage.

Working all weekend, so started my Glastonbury festival experience this morning, my hubby has been taping it all for me, have already cried at REM's Everybody Hurts!! Loving the Nostalgia, wonderful wonderful show. ❤️❤️

Fabulous weekend - thanks so much for giving us the next best thing. Relived some magical moments and of course Bowie won - absolutely epic. Thank you. 🙏

Tremendous, thanks to all involved , Bowie the highlight. Can’t wait to get back to the farm next year!

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Our 'Hope Shines Brightest' #Glastonbury2020 merchandise is still available from our web shop for a limited time, with all profits to Oxfam, Greenpeace UK and WaterAid UK. ➡️ glas.to/shop
Big thanks to everyone who's already bought something!
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Our Hope Shines Brightest #Glastonbury2020 merchandise is still available from our web shop for a limited time, with all profits to Oxfam, Greenpeace UK and WaterAid UK. ➡️ https://glas.to/shop
Big thanks to everyone whos already bought something!Image attachment

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Ordered well in advance but sadly nothing has arrived. Had an email saying it had been delayed, not much use now. Really disappointed especially when lots of others had theirs all ok 🙁

I ordered mine in good faith early June with tote bag and tea towel ready for this weekend, due to arrive 22/23, receive an email on 23rd saying that won’t be here until next week - after Glastonbury weekend! Poor show!!!!

My T-shirt’s arrived for myself and 2 grandkids. Love them Thankyou.

Ordered.... Glasto & my 50th this year!! ❤️

Any idea when they’ll be dispatched? I ordered a Tshirt & a tote bag on 3rd June & later ordered a Tshirt for my son too. His arrived 2 weeks ago but still waiting for mine?

Wow it seems it takes a month for delivery and I paid £9.95 for postage don’t understand the logic .

Love my t shirt!! Thank you 😊

Has anyone managed to buy a frame that fits the ‘Hope Shines Brightest’ poster? Can’t seem to find the right size frame anywhere, not even IKEA can save me now!

I wish the teatowel design was on a t-shirt!

Love my shirt! Greetings from Germany 🌸

I'm saving mine in the 'hope ' I can wear it next year at Glastonbury

Still waiting for mine - ordered on 3rd June!

Are you getting more of the Mind The Longdrop posters in stock?

Wearing mine right now, love it

would love the tote bag but seems their sold out, got anymore coming soon Glastonbury?

Got my 1997 Glastonbury t.shirt at the sight.. might need a new one in a few years. Watcha got ..?

Got mine it's lovely

Sarah Munchkin-Marie Dyson

Jacky Elliott

Colin Morris

Gabbie Walter

Owen Setter xx

Ordered 12th June. Email saying despatched via Royal Mail 26th June...nothing arrived yet...anyone else had same problem?

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Check out Joe Rush, Debs Armstrong & director Julien Temple in this special Q&A about the "Glastonbury After Hours" film. ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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Much more interesting than the wall-to-wall coverage of Beyonce, Adele, Coldplay

Love this

Marc Ellis Katie Simpson this takes you to a load of great interviews with some of your mates

Gráinne Ní Chleirigh

Lily Kneen


Patrick Hoban this is what I was one about

Shaun Grose

Trev Hammond 🙌

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Sunday afternoon = teatime legends slot. Tune into BBC2 at 6.30pm for more! ... See MoreSee Less

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I remember seeing James Brown in 2004, amazing but wish I’d seen Brian Wilson performance in 2005, that looks brilliant

As a Canadian who has lived in the UK before I'm kind of surprised to see Dolly, WIlly and Kenny Rogers there. Country music isn't that big there so I'm surprised people know who they are.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone enjoy themselves as much on stage as Lionel Richie did! He just looked so chuffed (and the whole set was brill as a result!)

Johnny Cash , no doubt about it , been lucky enough to have seen them all , think it was his set that started the whole Sunday legend slot thing , X 🌞🌈 🎸🍷🍷🍷

Lionel Richie was amazing!! I was there...lost in the crowd dancing my feet off, trying not to spill my cider! Happy Days!💖😊😍🍺⛺🎶 2016

What about Leonard cohen. Singing hallelujah as the sun was going down. One of my best glasto moments ❤

Was this moment...when I wanted to sit in a puddle of mud to watch the magic numbers, as with being short I was sick of not seeing the stage!! But ended up missing it as so many people wanted to take our picture! Glastonbury 2007 was amazing xx

You missed Tony Bennett from 98 - brilliant legend slot performance

Shout out to Barry Gibb, I've seen a lot of these legend slots over the years and he nailed it. Warmed us up lovely for Chic coming after too.

not entirely sure the legend label has been correctly used here if you think or 4 people (groups) who would be a legend in the music business . Bob Dylan (no mention here) Rolling Stones (no mention here) Beatles (Paul McCartney) (No mention Here) and (my humble opinion ) THE LEGEND .... David Bowie (no mention here)

Coldplay, Ed shearan, Adele , they all rocked it for me 🎉

Lionel. A pure masterclass in how to play Glastonbury.

Plant and Page played that slot in 95 I think

How by all that is holy is Johnny Cash not on that film

Neil diamond was truely amazing but for me its brian Wilson.. wonderful wonderful memories of that set 🙂

Patti Smith was amazing. The gig b4 Lionel n much better

Kylie and Dolly mimed their way through ....

It's gotta be for me the Foo Fighters. You get true value with their circa 4 hr performances!

Kenny Rogers 2013. Our only time there but one of the highlights of our trip.

For me the best ones I saw were the Marley Brothers perform Exodus, Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison and Don McLean where some woman drunkenly turned to me looking aghast and asked me "why's he covering Madonna" 😐

We were there for Ray Davies. Perfect sunny afternoon!

Lionel Richie, Ray Davies, Shirly Bassey, Neil Diamond & Tony Bennett were all class

Tom jones rocked it full set and didnt miss a note 😎

The ones I enjoyed the most would have to be either Lionel Richie or James Brown !

Saw Dolly and Kenny who were amazing. Would have liked to see Lionel x

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You guys have been uploading some amazing old Glastonbury photos to our website gallery this weekend, like this one from 1985 by Karen. Thanks - and keep them coming! www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/gallery/upload-photos/ ... See MoreSee Less

You guys have been uploading some amazing old Glastonbury photos to our website gallery this weekend, like this one from 1985 by Karen. Thanks - and keep them coming! https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/gallery/upload-photos/

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⛺️ Glasto 2009 was an amazing year: Working on the bar, winding up punters with the megaphone, sneaking backstage, dancing in wellies, partying in the workers tent, colourful flags, trash city, great group of people and having the best fun. ✌🏼☮️ 🎶 Lilly Allen, The Streets, Dizzee Rascal, Florence and the Machine, Pendulum, The Prodigy, Bruce Springsteen, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris & Eric Prydz 😁 Kitty, remember us on the look out for melba toast! 🌳😂

Been going since late 80s. Worked At Wise Crone Cafe in Avalon field. When the owner died I started going on Sunday locals only. This is first year not getting ticket. They changed the boundary for tickets 😢

I was at 2009&2010 and haven’t been able to get a ticket since Great memories though

I worked there for around 10 years putting up the heris fencing I shared some amazing times with amazing people...

Apparently this is the only photo Karen took that year... she spent the rest of the festival wandering around trying to find Micheal Eavis to complain about "the crowds". (Sorry Karen, couldn't resist)

My husband and I are going to attempt to get tickets. He’s been a few times and I’ve been desperate to go since I was 7 but life didn’t work out that way. Hopefully I’ll be coming to make memories in the next couple of years

What people forget after all the wonderful acts n artists have gone the waste that people leave behind is well, just like those that massed to Bournemouth. They take it with them but aren't bothered about leaving it where they took it🤬

I've got similar ones to this taken in 1995 - the 25th one, which was my first Glasto. It was scorching that year n the lineup was phenomenal 😇

My 1st CND Glastonbury festival. Cure, Madness, Psychedelic Furs amazing 🌼🌼🌼🌼

My first year. Camped by a pylon so as not to loose tent. Happy days

When I first went I was unsure! Now when I walk around I'm at home. I'll always find someone I know so never alone

Brilliant weekend well done BBC just what we neededxxx

Glasto 10 and 11 I was there had tickets for 14 but wife was pregnant so had to miss Metallica

1985 a great year I was there I'm in the video

Most of the messy festival goes wouldn't even have been born then lol 😆

I've uploaded a couple of pictures from 1985 & 1979 🙂 I remember going in 1985 and 1987 was my last. not quite 6 years old

Looks a bit too dry to be from 1985 - 1985 was a complete mud bath from start to finish!!

Year before I was born ! Ha love pictures like that

Loads of ridge tents!

Love the 80’s tent ⛺️

The tents are all like triangles. But so easy to put away afterwards!

God I love ridge tents ⛺️ ❤️

Got engaged there in 2007 in the stone circle!!

Oh what a great photo 😍

Who headlined that year?

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47 Responses

  1. Hayley A. Ogle says:

    is that suppose to be so difficult to read?

  2. Mic Coops says:

    Possibly the worst poster I have ever seen

  3. Mark Webster says:

    Lamar? Headlining? WTF, what happened to proper headliners. Legends of music i.e 40th anniversary was Stevie Wonder

  4. Mikey Hall says:

    This is the shittest festival poster I’ve ever seen, dizzy now.

  5. Jake Graves says:

    Fire the graphic designer.

  6. Wobi Tolf says:

    Quite possibly the most annoying line up poster EVER 🧐

  7. Jade Louise Moeliker says:

    Can someone who has a lot of time on their hands please write this in a normal format? Coronavirus is rife. Nobody has time to spin and read.

  8. David JB says:

    The worst line up in its history on the worst poster in its history.

  9. Mike Jones says:

    Made the poster hard to read so people will ignore the fact that nobody wanted Kendrick Lamar as the third headliner, but that’s what we’ve got anyway

  10. Wayne Robinson says:

    Probably the shittest line up in the history of Glastonbury

  11. Claire Ellis Worthington says:

    That poster is purely to throw the fact the line up is shocking!

  12. Claire Harries says:

    Can someone please put it in a list format!!! Dyslexic nightmare!!

  13. Pip Harmer says:

    I’m not going, but am always interested in the line-up. If someone could please translate and tell me who’s been announced, I’d be grateful 🙂

  14. Alan Hansen says:

    Disguising a shite lineup by making me not want to be on acid ever again 🤣

  15. Robert Harper says:


  16. PROMISEworks says:

    Here’s hoping it can still go ahead, 🤞It’s such an incredible festival. It’s so valuable for our tourism in our beautiful county Somerset. #LoveSomerset

  17. Sarah Harris says:

    Last time I checked I didn’t read in the style of a washing machine. Ridiculous

  18. Caroline Burgess-Pike says:

    This has cheered me up on an otherwise dreary day! Praying it’s not cancelled – can’t miss seeing the Manics at the 50th anniversary of my favourite festival in the world.

  19. Keith Durning says:

    That poster is headache inducing. Great lineup but that layout is brutal!

  20. Heather Imbush says:

    What a ridiculous design for a poster, I gave up after two cycles!
    Maybe it’s an attempt to deflect from a less than wonderful anniversary line up?! 🤔

  21. Rachael Hinton says:

    This poster is like a magic eye. If you stare at it for long enough you might actually see who’s playing

  22. Stephanie Evans says:

    Trying to disguise a crap line up with a hard to read spiral poster I see! Thank god there is so much more to this festival!

  23. Benjamin Martin says:

    Fingers crossed we can all be there. What a headf*”k that poster is to read though.

  24. Zoe Gigsgigsgigs says:

    They must be worried about ticket sales (people not paying their balance in April) to release this so early!!

  25. Liv Fitton says:

    Going to say it one last time you had the chance to have the legendary Stevie Nicks and her band of merry men play and ended up with Taylor Swift. Please just think about that.

  26. Maria Morris says:

    Piss off all harbingers of doom! If you don’t like the lineup and it matters that much to you – don’t go! The poster is a record…link….music…get it?
    I think it’s fab they have put a message out to slow down the ridiculous speculation we’ve got going on – like they said, who knows? But let’s not give up!

  27. Siobhán Hairextensions Walker says:

    Your positivity and honestly is much much needed in this crazy world right now and it’s certainly given me a real boost after a hard day finally accepting this horrid situation! Hope to see you beautiful soul. There’s no place I’d rather be!!!!!!! xx

  28. Eddie Parkinson says:

    McCartney, Supergrass, Manics, Fontaines DC, Squid, Beth, Happy Mondays, Scream, Olsen.
    Poor line up again.

  29. Ben Tanner says:

    Nearly died after reading “so, after much consideration”. Don’t do me like that Glasto!

  30. Pete Lush says:

    Glad I couldn’t get a ticket, some good acts but seen the ones I like already several times..

  31. Daniel Springate says:

    Cant see it going ahead….hope I’m proved wrong but if the virus continues to grow dont think I will be.

  32. Viki Merrill says:

    Please say everyone who’s got tickets for this year can carry them forward if the worst happens. Hoping for the best this year. Look after yourselves x🤞🤞🤞🤞

  33. Amanda Marie McDonough says:

    Some excellent acts there! Loads of 90’s awesomeness aswell. Would love to see many of those, fingers crossed it goes ahead x

  34. Julia Dixon-Braid says:

    I hope it goes ahead. Not looking likely at the moment. There’s always next year. I may be lucky enough to get a ticket then 😗😗

  35. Tom Wall says:

    Worst festival poster ever. Death core festival posters are easier to read than this cartwheel. Nice line up though 🤙🏼🔥

  36. Joe Ford says:

    Counted about 25 acts that I’d definitely be interested in giving a watch and this is only the tip of the iceberg. I guess the benefit of not having a ticket this year is not having to worry about heartbreaking clashes, or trying to find time to just amble around and soak up the atmosphere without worrying about missing something I’d later regret.

    Hope things definitely go ahead and that everyone with tickets has a blast – whatever they spend their weekend watching/doing!

  37. Leander Morales says:

    Considering there’s probably over a thousand other things to see at Glastonbury, great work! I’m happy if I can see at least 4 main stage acts I may want to see on the list. The rest is discovering new artists, chilling out and soaking up the vibes/atmosphere. Plenty to do/see over a few days. Best of luck to the huge team pulling this together. 👍🏻

  38. Jordhanna Hudson says:

    All the work that goes into the festival and people complain about the poster, but if you read the comments there’s a link to non-circular poster on their website. People LOVE to moan about something. Roll on June!! 🤘🏼

  39. Paul Jones says:

    The non circular version is better, and I’d say there’s generally one act on each line I’m very keen on seeing and a couple more I’d very happily see so for a first line up that’ll do me 😁

  40. Elisabetta Backstage says:

    No need for a crystal ball. Seriously???? You are not getting it??? Italy’s health system is collapsing 😢 I definitely wish that it won’t be the case anywhere else in the world but it’s definitely the wrong decision! Public health should come first

  41. Neil Macdonald says:

    What an amazing line up – only wish I had a ticket but some brilliant musical experiences ahead for those who do. Enjoy

  42. Matt Radich says:

    In the case this year’s festival has to be cancelled, please consider transferring 2020 tickets to 2021. People have put a great amount of time and money into going this year, so it would help out a lot to assure they will be able to go eventually in case of cancellation.

  43. Andy Murphy says:

    Great line up
    Just disappointed that I couldn’t get a ticket this year. But I hope everyone has a good time because Glastonbury is the best festival

  44. Peter Jordan says:

    Thank you so much for bringing the poster out today and lightening the gloom. Thank you also for letting me watch Elbow, Diana Ross and Sir Paul, all in the same weekend.

  45. Algy Strutt says:

    F*****g brilliant line up, the best in several years… way to go Glastonbury! (Please go ahead!)

  46. Conor Clancy says:

    Thats the worst line up I’ve seen in 50 years and I’m not exaggerating! It will still be class, but it would have been nice to have one massive act to look forward to.

  47. Seamus Mcloughlin says:

    As always with Glastonbury, it’s all about the little corners of magic, I’ve never been one for the big stages personally. It’s always been about the total gems on the smaller stages and the people you meet. Fingers crossed it happens, we need some light these days and Glastonbury has always held that torch for so many, at home on tv or as a lucky ticket holder. God speed guys and all your hard work x

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