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Glastonbury Festival news: It’s another hot one! Please look after yourselves – and read this advice for s…

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Glastonbury Festival news: It’s another hot one! Please look after yourselves – and read this advice for s…

Latest update from Glastonbury Festival

🌞 It’s another hot one! Please look after yourselves – and read this advice for staying safe in the heat. #Glastonbury2019

Glastonbury Festival (official)


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Glastonbury festivals and events have been cancelled for the coming months. Fans of Glastonbury are asked not to visit the town for the traditional Summer Solstice celebration in June to protect the community.
Please share and help us have a #safesummersolstice

For more info see glastonbury.gov.uk/2020/05/25/please-dont-visit-glastonbury-until-it-is-safe/
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I pretty much guarantee that people will ignore your request, sadly 🙁

If Dominic Cummings can travel wherever and whenever he likes so can I, see you all on the 21st of June

Sophie Elisabeth Powell you werent going to this year anyway right...... ? 😜😏

We've just posted some performances from the BBC's #glastonbury2019 coverage on our YouTube channel (+ the full sets are on BBC iPlayer). And look out for more news soon of our plans with the BBC for a celebration over Glastonbury weekend in June…
📺 www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLV5BFkI9SS7hSXfh1F0UX8m4aDxYzpZe7
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I want this world back! Glastonbury last year was one of the best times of my life! X

Never managed to get a Glastonbury ticket but some of my most joyous moments have been within the crowd at many Foals gigs jumping around and feeling the collective atmosphere and escapism.

So pleased to know that I can revisit last year’s incredible experience on iPlayer - my first, and now probably only Glastonbury....

❤️❤️👏👏 SO hoped that something would be planned for the best weekend we’ll all miss the most! 👍🎉🥳

Just watching Fontaine’s DC and reliving some of the best days of my life

Hubby and 9 year old son got to watch part of foals set from the ribbon tower ❤

Foals were one of the best watched it over and over again massive fan now

I never get sick of watching the whole glasto set, pure brilliance🎸

Without a vaccine it's hard to imagine any more festivals taking place.

Fee Gilfeather remember being at the Park and Nicola stroking a horse...they seem such distant days now

I will never experience Glastonbury I can never get a ticket

How about the Amazing Wood Burning Savages from 2019?????

Georgia Cox Look! It’s you in your leopard print hat and me when we were watching Foals. Blimey!

Posted full sets to iplayer? Why'd you guys take them down in the first place!? We paying for tv license so keep what we're paying for on there innit 🙃

That field was raaamed for foals, soo good.

Sadism of the highest order 😏

Great 38 secs ffs Glastonbury post some decent footage for us all during lockdown

Gretel Darby Hill Jason Hill we got to see them in a slightly smaller crowd! How lucky ☺️

I knew you wouldn’t let me down baby

Just in time for our Glastonbury weekend Ella Bella

Roll on 2021 🤟🏼

Saskia kun je er in komen voor morgen. Foals 😁 Super leuke live band. Mijn vader was fan 😁

Paul Carnus chaque fois que j'entends cette chanson je pense à toi 😂

Why not just bang them on here too

Lee Hatton

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Next up in our series of main stage playlists updated with the acts who would've been playing there at #Glastonbury2020 is West Holts. Enjoy! ... See MoreSee Less

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Ah man, Thom Yorke.

Darragh O'Droma Thom Yorke in West Holts with a toffee cider 😔

Gareth Griffiths - this one has made me upset! Bloody hell it would have been amazing xxx

Wowzers. Please do this again next year as it's a great way of finding new acts to see at the festival! X

Holy hell! What a line up!

AJ Fran Gladwin Megan Magee Nick Klein Louise Smith west holts was gonna be banging! Celeste, danny brown, earth gang, kano, kelis, Richard dawson, thom Yorke, tbundercat, tlc & tom misch! 😭

Freya Blacker Ethan Person can’t believe Tom Misch and yussef dayes would’ve been on west holts 😥

Please have a listen to my tribute to the Bravery of our Medical Staff and Carers. ANGELS IN BLUE I wrote and produced this song in isolation. I've put the Song on all the Music Platforms under Angels in Blue by Tokyo Rose and if I manage to sell any I will give the money to NHSCharitiesTogether. The song should be available in a couple of days
I just hope that this song will be bought and sung to our Heroes. Please stay safe and I hope you are all well - Kind Regards Derek

could cry, might cry Maddie Alice

Thundercat and Thom Yorke would have been amazing! Hopefully they are up for it next year

Lucy Atkins Davey Gomez Park stage next ?? ❤️

Tom Misch, Celeste & Kelis!! Now I’d have loved to have seen them Tiegan Rachel Sharon 😢

Its cancelled lol

my favorite stage, could listen from the back of the big top!!

Glastonbury's cancelled ha ha ha ha

Marcus Suckenberg

aw, West Holts is my favourite... feeling sad 🙁

'downs a pint of toffee apple cider and starts crying...'

Anna Wood - favourite stage 💖

Jack Carter

Lauren Spooner

West Holts’ game is strong 💪🏼

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30 Responses

  1. Nigel Avey says:

    Why is there no 5G warning at this festival?

  2. Emma Joanne says:

    & lastly watch out for the 5G!!! … Oops sorry u can’t!

  3. Kevin James Haskins says:

    Don’t bring kids why spoils everybody’s else’s enjoyment

  4. Ronald Peter says:

    Welcome to the 5G microwave brought to you by your local promoter

  5. Thomas Vickers says:

    Paul Gostling drink some water please

  6. Kean Silvester says:

    I’m not at the festival.

  7. Rob Anderson says:

    People should have a choice about 5g it’s the bloody government controlling again .I hope they have signs up telling people about the dangers.

  8. Matt Carr says:

    Dafuq everyone on about 5G for??🤨

  9. Stevie Batt says:


  10. Trent Crebbin says:

    Yass laddie Baxter Pickard

  11. Oli Silva says:

    5G will fry you from the inside anyway

  12. Danielle Bianca Massi says:

    If anyone has any health issues while at the festival – check connection to 5G radiation! Scary 😭

  13. Richard Mills says:

    I would love 5gs

  14. Tom Evans says:

    or just don’t go! lol. Once was def enough for me.

  15. Ty Fisher says:

    Why are they testing 5G when no ones phones are 5G ready? Food for thought ☝️

  16. Will Greer says:

    “Don’t drink too much alcohol”

    I agree with the message but I feel this piece of advice is a little pointless 😂

  17. OurNHSLincs says:

    ‪It’s a Record breaking 44.3° across the channel and an expected 30°s here in the UK why not take a minute to check out the NHS Heat exhaustion & Heatstroke advice.


  18. Suky Gill says:

    Proper advice ➡ Just get pissed.

  19. Darryn Kok says:

    Half the people will take a bunch of drugs & alcohol and 5G will get the wrap

  20. James Steers says:

    There’ll be some sweaty TUNA CANOES there 🤪🤪🤪👌👌

  21. Roseanna Marshall says:

    Feel like there’s not enough water points and very long Queues

  22. Barbara Margrie says:

    Kelly Stevens can you show dean the instructions/advice please🤭

  23. John Bevan says:

    It’s ok where safe,tickets are always sold out

  24. John ✯ Lewis says:

    What about the untested 5G network.

  25. Matt Woodhouse says:

    And don’t go into Charlie Johnson’s tent while he is having a nap either!

  26. Susan Anstee says:

    The Nanny state.

  27. Charlotte Matthews says:

    Cheers guys, my 5 year old is having a ball in the green kids field while we seek shade under a tree. Sometimes we all need a couple of reminders to drink more water and not let the lure of schedules override our need for shade and respite 😘

  28. Tony Malloy says:

    Have a fantastic time everyone, really jealous.

  29. Susan Anstee says:

    The Nanny state.

  30. Gary Williamson says:

    Are the vegan’s melting on the dairy farm 😀

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