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Glastonbury Festival news: I’m ecstatic to tell you that I’ll be headlining Glastonbury on its 50th anniver…

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Glastonbury Festival news: I’m ecstatic to tell you that I’ll be headlining Glastonbury on its 50th anniver…

Latest update from Glastonbury Festival

I’m ecstatic to tell you that I’ll be headlining Glastonbury on its 50th anniversary – See you there! 💋

Glastonbury Festival (official)


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43 Responses

  1. Charles Ramsey Smith says:

    For anyone that doesn’t like it I have two parents that want tickets! X

  2. Leanne Sp Bailey says:

    Ffks seriously whats happened to Glastonbury…

  3. Ian Astley says:

    Hmm lame way to end the weekend – Still let’s hope Foals are on the other stage at the same time

  4. Ashleigh Weyman-Beard says:

    Glad there’s 100s of other stages this year. I’m over the moon with Diana Ross though.

    Really though it would have been Gaga!!

  5. Kayleigh Howlett says:

    She’s an international star beating Michael Jackson’s award total, the kids will love her and she’ll no doubt put on a fantastic show! Plus it’s amazing to see Glasto have a female headliner for the 50th! We haven’t got tickets and she’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I’m sure we will be watching at home if we don’t get April resale!

  6. Paul Warren says:

    Like it or not, Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lemar ( who I’m sure will be the other headliner ) are 2 of the biggest artists in the world right now , go and watch something else but please dont complain about the biggest festival booking the biggest acts !!

  7. Stuart Bradley says:

    Glastonbury headliners arent what they used to be are they?

  8. Claire Marie says:

    You won’t see me there! I will be at any other stage but there!!!

  9. Ray Grooves Reef says:

    Glastonbury has lost it last few years it’s Top of the plops music for 14 year olds 😂

  10. Martyn Catanach says:

    So glad I didn’t get a ticket, would have been very upset to pay all that money to see ‘artists’ who do not really reflect Glastonbury on a momentous date …

  11. Joanne Rowe says:

    let’s hope at least The Other Stage has a Pyramid stage worthy headliner then as promised!!!

  12. Donald J Makin says:

    Think it a good feel good closer to the festival. She’s a good artist and can play. Songs aren’t bad.

  13. Michael Clark says:

    Gutted I didn’t get tickets this makes the pain a little better

  14. Tom Flint says:

    That’s a real shame, it was an opportunity for a huge name to headline a major birthday for the festival. It needed to be a massive worldwide BAND not a pop star – U2, Guns n Roses even Bon Jovi!! I don’t know, but someone with longevity and history much like the festival!
    Nothing against Taylor Swift but this is a really bad call by the organisers!!!

  15. Jase Nash says:

    Couldn’t think of anyone worse…. oh wait, Coldplay!

  16. Mark Atkinson says:

    She mimed really well on Strictly last last night. And that song: Wow really rocked! What a masterpiece.

  17. Stephen Barnes says:

    Should have been a British legend or at least an all time Music legend for the Sunday night performance (sorry but Taylor Swift is not one of them )

  18. Carol Hart says:

    And predictable whingeing starts. Don’t like her go somewhere else. Life would be very boring if everyone liked the same music.

  19. Felicity Panting says:

    I can’t wait to see Taylor or anyone else! It’s about the experience just as much the music! Some artists are not to everyone’s taste but Glasto is a festival for everyone! See you there Swifty!!!

  20. Shad Everett says:

    Love reading these comments. From proper bore-off music snobs (aka Trolls) who probably didn’t manage to get a ticket, have never been and/or don’t realise there are like another 800 or so acts all over the site they could go see if they wanted! Tell me I’m wrong!?

  21. Felixx Keeling says:

    Omg yes!!! At last! The female voice of the last 50 years. Thank god it’s not someone obvious like the verve or Elton John. IM FEELING 22!!!!

  22. Jamie Gibson says:

    Just glad to be lucky enough to be able to enjoy life tbh. We’ll be walking around Worthy farm soaking it all in and that includes eclectic musical treats on ALL stages 😉

  23. Stephen Hackworth says:

    I won’t be watching her when I’m there, but only because I saw her at Wembley and she was awesome, don’t think she could top it.

  24. Christopher Noble says:

    Glastonbury is a music festival not just rock festival

  25. Simon Barnett says:

    The more people moan, the more I want them to fill the Pyramid with pop stars out of pure spite.

    “LOL NOT GOIN NOW”, lets be honest Darren, you’ve never been, never well, and will be flicking idly through what BBC are showing while we’re having the time of our lives, either in front of (world famous megastar, purveyor of more banging tunes than you can shake a stick at) Taylor Swift, or at one of the other 6 or 7 big stages, or up a treehouse watching snooker champion Steve Davis spin some records, or in an old American roadster watching a movie on a massive outdoor screen, or a thousand other different things people are doing at any one time at the best party on earth.

    *cough cough* Oh sorry, I meant to say, yeah, decent, nice one.

  26. Billy Davis says:

    People that spent over 200 quid for Paul McCartney and Taylor swift right now

  27. Richard Hallam says:

    This is the funniest thing I have seen for ages! I didn’t even try to get tickets but I’m glad I didn’t bother! I genuinely thought the 50th anniversary was going to be something special but so far the acts are comical.

  28. Phil Mathias says:

    I’ll be celebrating my 50th Birthday whilst at Glastonbury next year and this will be my 7th Glastonbury in the last decade. There’s been years I’ve rarely visited the pyramid stage as the acts have not been my cup of tea! For all the haters out there with their derogatory comments on this post, NEWS FLASH…there are tonnes of other stages to go to if you don’t like who’s on at the Pyramid!! That’s what’s great about this festival,a big choice for everyone’s taste and I’ve yet to go and not had an awesome experience regardless who’s headlining! I don’t think I could name one of Taylor’s songs but personally I think she’ll be great, put on a superb performance and good for you Taylor👍!

  29. Kenneth Campbell says:

    I do love all these people moaning about Taylor. She may not be your cup of tea (she certainly isn’t mine) but she is one of the biggest acts in the world and a perfect headliner for Glastonbury. They now have one of the biggest acts in the world and one of the most important artists in music history. It is impressive booking I look forward to see who will be the hundreds of other acts that will be performing

  30. Gregg Nolan says:

    Macca is a good choice, Taylor Swift is shite. When Michael was in control the festival had something. In the last few years it’s become a pop festival. Gutted I didn’t get a ticket for the 50th anniversary to celebrate the good years, but definitely not bothered about the direction it’s going in now. Good luck to Emily, but it ain’t my cup of tea.

  31. Steve Goodall says:

    I’m sure she will have a packed stage as will Macartney and I’ll be having a great time too……😀……..there’s plenty more to do, don’t fret 👍

  32. Simon Marlow says:

    Gets poorer and poorer by the year thanks to Emily. It’s just yet another large scale commercial music venture, it has NOT been Glastonbury Festival for at least the last 20 years!

  33. Zoe Dalton says:

    Yes yes yes! I was so hoping Taylor would be there. This has made my day. 😀

  34. Angela Shelton says:

    Well I’m chuffed to bits I always need something uplifting by Sunday night

  35. John Moore says:

    What is everyone moaning about? Before most of you had even heard of “Glasto” it was known as the Pilton Pop Festival. Its being totally true to its roots. I for one won’t be watching her, but tens of thousands will and I hope they have a great time.

  36. Andre Sharp says:

    Unfortunately are group Unsuccessful with winning tickets. Taylor swift wouldn’t be my top choice of headliner, but she I bet she will put in a shift of a performance. If u do choose to watch her and don’t enjoy it just SHAKE IT OFF and go out watch someone else. 👍🏻

  37. Elwyn Andrew says:

    Brilliant- loads of tickets will suddenly become available in the resale.

  38. Jane Earthy says:

    Certainly not my cup of tea but…. until last year I would have said not us Mylie Cyrus but she absolutely nailed it!

  39. Rebecca Lowe says:

    🙋🏻‍♀️ I’d LOVE to go back after a 10 year hiatus so please by all means return your tickets if you’re really that distraught and I might have a chance in the resale!? 😬

  40. Rhiannon Funk says:

    Christine and The Queens closing on the Other Stage again for 2020 and I’ll be delighted. Make it so!

  41. Andy Murphy says:

    I’ve seen Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift in the last few years and they were two of the best gigs I have ever been to and I have been to loads
    And if you don’t want to see them then there are Plenty of other things to see and do.

    Be happy as some of us couldn’t get a ticket for next year

  42. Phil Clarke says:

    I’m off to the local pub to see some unsigned talent.

  43. Kat Muse Jones says:

    I’m going, I don’t care for Taylor, McCartney n not bothered about Ross. BUT I’m still ECSTATIC to have got a ticket, Glasto is so much more than the Pyramid stage. The night Kanye played we had the best night cos we wandered off and ended up dancing with a mariachi band somewhere 💃🏻 If people who have tickets are that arsed then let your tickets go into resale. Simple 👍🏻

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