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Glastonbury Festival news: Hottest Glastonbury on record? 24/06/19

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Glastonbury Festival news: Hottest Glastonbury on record? 24/06/19

Latest update from Glastonbury Festival

‪The Met Office think #Glastonbury2019 could be a scorcher. In case they’re right, please remember to pack a reusable bottle – ready filled with water – some suncream and a hat. (And, just in case, some sturdy boots or wellies too.)

Hottest Glastonbury on record? 24/06/19

This year’s Glastonbury festival is expected to be sunny and hot, but could it be the hottest on record? Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern has the fore…

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41 Responses

  1. Luke Tottle says:

    Prepping for a really wet one and then BANG heatwave! Cannot complain about that! 😎☀️

  2. John Knott says:

    Ginger danger zone!!!!

  3. Alex Butterworth says:

    Emma Barker
    it’s going to be hot,
    no it’s going to rain.
    No hot,
    No rain,
    No hot!!!!!!! 🙈😂🤷‍♂️X

  4. Clare Creel says:

    2010 was a hot one!! X

  5. Micheál O'Shea says:

    Sean no Katie to save you this year!!

  6. Rachel Clayton says:

    Going back a bit, but 1992 was really hot! My first Glastonbury! 😎

  7. Nicole Jade says:

    Kristie Louise can you imagine if we’d gone this year? 😂 your poor skin haha

  8. Ric Brook says:

    Odd, they’re already predicting thunderstorm’s too which is more in keeping…

  9. Christophe Hayward says:

    2010 was a scorcher…. no need for wellies that week!!

  10. Ryan Weston says:

    1995 was a scorcher.

  11. Clare Newell says:

    Imagine the stench in the tents and toilets… Enjoy.. 🤪🧛‍♂️👽😨

  12. Kieron Stamp says:

    Surely can’t be as hot as the Wednesday/Thursday 2017? That was unbearable!

  13. Leah Langley says:

    Lewis Williams take your sun cream!

  14. Camilla A Taute says:

    I know I always feel the cold 😂🤣

  15. Laura Ormerod says:

    In terms of sustainability and cutting down on plastic are the bars happy to fill our bottles? Really hope so x

  16. Matt Sidwell says:

    Ever? 1992 was roasting!!

  17. Jo Gregory says:

    It doesn’t look forecasted to be as hot at 2010, that was outrageous

  18. Charlotte Tolley says:

    Waking up at 5am in a sweaty tent to that sun. Having to crawl and sleep outside… I miss it Jake

  19. Lee Huntly says:

    The long drops will be smelling ripe

  20. Aaron Prince says:

    Was hotter in 2010

  21. Alan Smith says:

    All those smelly people at least you could have had a shower if it rained 😁😁

  22. Frankie Hollywood says:

    British weather, they predicted Download was gonna be hot and sunny too!😅😅

  23. Mark Harrington says:

    Confirmation it’s going to be cold and raining then 👍🏻

  24. Levys Jo N Marc says:

    Hi can I get tickets still

  25. Aly Kimber-Herridge says:

    Take an umbrella for shade

  26. Stephen Rodbourne says:

    Not in my festival lounge ice cold drinks and chilled out sounds perfect

  27. Paula Morris says:

    Hotter than ’93?

  28. Alessandra Buckley says:

    Roberto Piccirilli Alessandra Angie Zambon quest’anno sarà un glasto bollente. Solo noi possiamo dire di aver sempre usato i wellies ah😊

  29. Brendan Flaherty says:

    Hopefully not as bad as 2010 that was too much. Draining

  30. Ross Chadwick says:

    If it beats 2010, then fair play. That’s hot.. Keelie Josephine

  31. Fran Gipane says:

    Catharine, Paul, Andy Katherine, Roz!! Bring sunscreen and cocktails!!Whoop whoop!!

  32. Raha Samiepour says:

    Jerry Daly!!! i’m keeping my fingers crossed u got good weather conditions! more for leanne and her shoulder than u, but she aint on facebook for me to tag her in 🙂

  33. Pauline Neal says:

    1995 was a hot one too x

  34. Adam Butler says:

    2010…. that was in tents

  35. Lee Hickey says:

    Peter James Sarah James get ya sun tan lotion 🧴 out it’s Gona be a scorcher 😎

  36. John Rubery says:

    2010… The vendors water couldn’t cool fast enough. The last day I found the place that sold cold milk.

  37. Jennifer Blears says:

    How do you make your tent cooler? Someone mentioned something about an emergency blanket? 🤷🏽‍♀️

  38. Wayne Scanlan says:

    And don’t forget your legs. Burnt mine so bad one year that I had to wear trousers to keep them out of the sun…this is not a good feeling 🤨

  39. Anna Wharton says:

    2017 was like that too..there’s not much shade there, be careful everyone ❤️

  40. Louise Kegg says:

    Emma Clark why couldn’t we have had this weather when we went!

  41. Ben Mainwaring says:

    Nope ! Glasto – according to the met office will hit its highest temp on Friday …

    2017 and all who were there will agree ….it blew years out of the water 32 gGr OFFICIAL recorded temp by the met and on site by the man himself M.E

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