Glastonbury Festival news: Glastonbury Festival – Green Glastonbury: Recycling at Glastonbury Festival

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In the first of our new Green Glastonbury stories, the Festival’s Waste and Farm Infrastructure Manager, Robert Kearle, tells us about the on-site recycling centre and how you can help to reduce waste.

Glastonbury Festival – Green Glastonbury: Recycling at Glastonbury Festival

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Video: What Happens To The Waste Of 200,000 People At Glastonbury? | BBC EarthAs the Glastonbury festival has grown, so has the amount of waster produced. The organisers explain the ways they make it more sustainable, including banning... ... See MoreSee Less

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I went years ago, but was very impressed when my wallet showed up at my parents house (with £40 still inside) including a compliments of Glastonbury slip. The people that tidy the place are awesome.

Greatest Festival in the world, I feel a great honour being able to volunteer for recycling crew each year, ❤ the Farm leave No trace 😃✊🏾🤙🏾

amazing Festival Fascinating and so much hard work goes into making it special thank you 👍

I volunteer as a nurse. I leave no trace and I am rewarded with so many wonderful memories x

Best weekend Of our lives every time...2019 was the best yet!! X

Amazing! My favourite place in the world :)

The Festival is Inspiring, amazing job done by the staff.

Best weekend of my life this year 🙂 next years if I get to go will probably be second best of the year... (I’m getting married a few weeks before!)

Love the farm! Love Glastonbury ❤️

I am honoured just been appointed a big fan.

Amazing festival and had an awesome week.

Such a special place. ❤

Inspiring festival

My first ever Glastonbury, and I really hope not my last ♥️

Huge effort mad what people can achieve when we put our minds to it, take note humanity this is how it needs to be done

The greatest place on earth - my very own Playground 🥰

Best weekend (or week should I say!!) for a very loooong time 💃 🎶 🕺🏻

Is there a way you could 'hire' out the picnic chairs left behind rather than people bring their own. I d happily hire one.


Way to go. I'm now a top fan ;-)

How do you deal with this horrible waste? I see so many people just stubbing them into the ground & leaving them ☹️😠👎🏼 Cigarette butts in soil hamper plant growth, study suggests


Best festival in the world.

The best place on the planet! 💙

There really is no excuse to leave anything onsite!

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The official #Glastonbury2019 line-up poster (by Alister Sieghart) is now available to order in our online shop, alongside a limited quantity of the double walled steel bottles -> ... See MoreSee Less

The official #Glastonbury2019 line-up poster (by Alister Sieghart) is now available to order in our online shop, alongside a limited quantity of the double walled steel bottles -> attachment


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The difference was amazing it was so clean this year.Other years your just walking on a sea of plastic & slipping in bottles.x

So much cleaner this year that previous

Amazing x

hi any water bottles for sale as my girls loved them . we losted one . .

Rather than disposable cups from all the bars next year, might it be worth having £2 solid plastic marked ones that can be refilled or returned ? (as is done at Twickenham and all open air events in Austria) They would become collectors items and the fields would be left a lot cleaner ......

I paid for my bottle but was never able to get one as they’d all gone! Can I trade in my bottle ticket for one of these?!?!?!

Got one of the bottles on site it was great at keeping are water nice & cold

Saw this earlier x

Do you have previous years available x

Decanted my beer into these type bottles, kept the fizz and cool, and no spillage🍻😁

I bought one of the water bottles at the festival, used it for lots of hot and cold drinks and haven't bought a plastic bottle of water since. Determined to change my wasteful ways.

We weren’t able to collect our bottles on site (still have the ticket Stubbs) can we get through the website? Dan Barua

Will you be selling Glastonbury-on -Sea Souviners please?? 😃

remember when things like this were released before the festival?

Why is that bottle different to the one I brought?

What size is the poster?

The metal pint pots were great, shame they didn’t pour directly into them and save on paper altogether!

Oh guarda Simona'anno c'erano i thermos dedicati...😭

Katherine OD Double walled bottle! Didn't spot any of those on my travels, get in there

Water bottle Jake Stone xx

Limp Bizkit next year pls

Helen Bathurst Chris Bathurst more merch for you... just in case you couldn’t get your t-shirt sizes sorted!!! 🤣

Kirsten Jennings

Justin Moore

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8 thoughts on “Glastonbury Festival news: Glastonbury Festival – Green Glastonbury: Recycling at Glastonbury Festival

  1. You should get in contact with BYE camping they are at the electric picnic, all them a chunk of your campsite to show people what can be done when like minded people camp together, the place was spotless the whole time and we sorted out own rubbish. Rest of the site was a warzone but they are being given more and more space.

  2. Washing facilities in the kidz field for reusable nappies/wipes? NCT tent having reusable wipes out rather than disposable ones? Making stall space available for groups of reusable sanitary product makers to work together to show people what the options are/help make them more mainstream?

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