Glastonbury Festival news: Glastonbury Festival – Green Glastonbury: Recycling at Glastonbury Festival

Latest update from Glastonbury Festival

In the first of our new Green Glastonbury stories, the Festival’s Waste and Farm Infrastructure Manager, Robert Kearle, tells us about the on-site recycling centre and how you can help to reduce waste.

Glastonbury Festival – Green Glastonbury: Recycling at Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts

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Have an amazing time everyone. And please look after the land and each other. #Glastonbury2019
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My gorgeous son is working there this year all the way from Sydney Australia. Have a wonderful experience my darling. Xx

So gutted I couldn’t get tickets for this one, maybe next year 🙏. Have an amazing Glastonbury to all, be safe.

My lovely daughter and son in law are working as Marshalls again this year. Enjoy and be safe x

My god I could cry, gutted we’re not there to join in the fun but have an amazing time everyone at the greatest show on earth xx

So gutted I’m not there this year. Have fun everyone!

I am so gutted I’m not there, once out of 9 years of trying 🤞for next year, hope you all have and amazing time.

I love how Michael Eavis always welcomes the punters at the opening of the gates. Such a nice touch. Have an amazing time everyone. Look after yourselves and your friends and enjoy the sunshine. Please please respect Worthy Farm and take all your gear home. Leave no trace.

Wishing everyone sun and fun. Have a great time. See you next year hopefully 😀😎

“Love the farm, leave no trace” has always been a key motto. Wish people had paid attention to this from the start.

Wishing you all a amazing time but wish I was there

Been here since Sunday and I am loving it 😀

And great to hear that all the eco tree hugging vegetarians have taken up with a working dairy farm! Lol

Always look forward to watching this, safe from the elements (rain or shine), on my lovely cosy sofa with a bunch of ice cold beers and a clean toilet! 😊

Do not miss The Lottery Winners at Rabbit Hole stage best live band ever and fantastic music x

Totally gutted I'm not there. Have a fantastic time everyone. Xx

On my bucket list but not lucky enough to get tickets so far ☹️ Have a great time all 🎪 🍺👍 xx

Can’t believe I’m not there, almost every year since 92. Have fun everyone, especially if it’s your first time x make sure you visit the rum shack and Shangrila xxx

Our first Glastonbury and are ready for a great week.

I wonder if all the Vegans know they are celebrating Glastonbury on a milk produce farm that’s still active 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Yaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy! Michael and Emily Eavis you are both legends and we love you. Thank you for having us to your party!!!! Xx

Makes me sad too. I wanted to go one last year. I am 66. I tried but could not get tickets. I went to the Isle of Wight fest instead which was great. I first went to that before I ever went to Glasto. In 1969, and 70, 50 years ago. But have been there a few times since and really wanted to go to Glastonbury Festival (official) one more time and not sure I can manage it next years physically. I've tried several years for the last few years and never get tickets. Makes me wonder who does and why they get them and not me?? As I am on the site the minute it opens but always put in a queue and fail. So sad.

Makes me sad seeing this as I'm not there. Couldnt get tickets this year for the first time and the pain is definitely real 😭. Have a great time you lucky lot! 💜

Happy birthday to me wish i was there lol xx

Hope to see the greatest band at the moment- the lottery winners

You lucky people, whatever you do don’t miss seeing Fantastic Negrito!! Left field and Other Stage #NegritoNation #FantasticNegrito ❤️🎶🌺

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‪See you in the morning...‬
‪#Glastonbury2019 ‬
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‪See you in the morning...‬
‪#Glastonbury2019 ‬


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I wish I could say horrible things to everyone that's got tickets, cos I haven't! However it's such a magical place that all I'll wish is that you lucky ones going have the most amazing time ever, and that I manage to get there next year! 😎🎵🍻😥

To everyone that got tickets enjoy every minute, smile always, dance your cares away and make amazing memories with your friends and with random glasto goers !! Fingers crossed we get tickets for next year again will be enjoying from the sofa this year with cuddles from my baby girl !! #glasto #bestfestivalintheworld #makememories #leavenotrace

Next year hopefully! We’re so sorry we didn’t get tickets this time round. We tried so hard. Have the best time everyone, can’t wait for the TV coverage. No better feeling waking up and joining that queue of traffic and the first sight of a ‘Glasto’ car window sticker! Nothing beats Glasto ⛺️ 🎶 💃🏻 🍷 ☀️ 😊

Have fun! We stay in Glastonbury ( town) several times a year but go there for some peace and quiet lol Have been past the festival site though quite a few times so least I can say 'I've done Glasto' 😂😂😂 will be watching on the TV and pining for our next break !! Have a great time guys!!! X

The queues are ok, not too long. Anyone selling a male ticket, dropped all my mates off and would love to go now. Cash waiting! Can meet anywhere in South UK, or in any of the Glasto car parks.

We're right outside in the queue for Gate D guys. Just come let us in now & let's get this party started! 🎉😆

In here as a worker, the sun is coming up the site looks beautiful, a bit of mud in places, off to bed to sleep through the hoards entering, enjoy everyone have fun on the farm xx

Julie Day Jade Nicolle I shall be tagging you both for the entire weekend... to make it all a little bit worse THAT WE ARE NOT THERE 😫😫😫🙁 Enjoy you lucky souls who managed to get tickets X

And the Fun Begins....🎉🤣 Enjoy... And Be Safe.. .. Yeaaaa...

Catching the 3.30 am coach from Sheffield..soo excited now!!

Have the best weekend ever all you lucky people!! Take care of each other, and smile 🤗 Hoping to be back there next year after missing out this time 🤞👍🥳

I feel like going up the A37 and just perching on someone's roof in Pilton for five days. Worthy Farm is a truly incredible place to be and I hope everyone has the best time! I hope to be there for my fifth next year.

Wishing I could be there but looking forward see all the Acts of this magical place on t.v ,,, Enjoy you lucky guys :)

Great time here . Hmm.. with dhillon .rob. . Travel in a green vw camper.. just luv it...

It was better I'm the 90s...lost its vibe now.

Sat in the queue about a hundred from the front, no sleep tonight 😊

Jealous! Absolutely LOVE Glastonbury! Will be watching all coverage Have a good one folks! Xx

We didnt get tickets this year im gutted its looks great such an amazing place. Our 2nd visit was when it was really muddy and we had to be towed off site. Looks like the weather is gonna be good this year. Everyone whos going have a great time. We will try again in october.👍⛺🎪🎶

So excited to come with my husband and 7yr old for our first time . 🤩🤩

Congratulations and well done to everyone who got a ticket! 🤩🤩🤩 Really sad I won't be there this year, but I'm super excited for you all and can't wait to see your photos! Have the very best time 😍 xoxo

Sorry been sanctioned twice this year ! Still I will be there in spirit have a pop up tent more wine than Spaticus needed for a wee dander triple layed toilet paper held in a cool compartment and a 65" TV 😂🤣😂can't wait

Oooeeeerrr Non I’ll be watching have a fab time xx

Feels absolutely wonderful working here this week! ^_^

Have a brilliant time everyone, will be watching out for you Patrick on the TV enjoy Xxx

Tryed getting tickets for the last 8 years impossible

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8 thoughts on “Glastonbury Festival news: Glastonbury Festival – Green Glastonbury: Recycling at Glastonbury Festival

  1. You should get in contact with BYE camping they are at the electric picnic, all them a chunk of your campsite to show people what can be done when like minded people camp together, the place was spotless the whole time and we sorted out own rubbish. Rest of the site was a warzone but they are being given more and more space.

  2. Washing facilities in the kidz field for reusable nappies/wipes? NCT tent having reusable wipes out rather than disposable ones? Making stall space available for groups of reusable sanitary product makers to work together to show people what the options are/help make them more mainstream?

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