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Glastonbury Festival news: Fancy working at Glastonbury 2020? Applications are open now for full-time paid …

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Glastonbury Festival news: Fancy working at Glastonbury 2020? Applications are open now for full-time paid …

Latest update from Glastonbury Festival

Fancy working at Glastonbury 2020? Applications are open now for full-time paid work for chefs and kitchen assistants in the crew catering team.
-> https://glas.to/crewcatering20

Glastonbury Festival (official)


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39 Responses

  1. Steve Fothergill says:

    Glastonbury Festival (official) I will happily return as official photographer again following two stints in 2007 and 2008 and then as a freelancer in 2009 and 2010! It was around this time you scrapped the entire web team and replaced every single person!

  2. Phil Hewitson says:

    Chris Allen shall we rustle up some sarnies at lunch…?

  3. Yaz Oner says:

    Derek McKinlay get us in lol xx

  4. Shirley Bone says:

    Robert Dennis Foreman Rodriguez that’s one way of getting in 😀.

  5. Jane 'Gold' Osbon says:

    Karolina Wesolowska we should totally do this!

  6. Emily Culverhouse says:

    Nicholas Lansdowne!

  7. Elaine Pressling says:

    Stevie Rackley🙏🏻 xx

  8. Luke Shipp says:


  9. Sime GP says:

    Breakfast,lunch and dinner !!! Heathens 😉🖕

  10. Rob Andrews says:

    6 Weeks work…..

  11. Rachel Myers says:

    Gail Robinson-i will get there! X

  12. Samuel Clark says:

    Lauren Simmons Terence Large would be cool if you two came! We can try for tickets for you in the resale in April anyway, be a wicked birthday for you Lauren! Your birthday is the Thursday

  13. Emma Rogers says:

    Brad Mawson knew you always wanted to be a chef

  14. Melissa Gillespie says:

    Sally Mcnaughton Paul Hurst Jessica Ward another way of Goin…! Lol

  15. Daniel Herbert says:

    Leon – would be brilliant. I could text you what we want

  16. Keith Quinton says:

    Belinda Dean get your apron on! 🤣

  17. Leanne Cooper says:

    Millie Walker show your mum and dad!!!

  18. Maxine Mant says:

    Hey can’t leave your mamma behind lol xx

  19. Kaz Burnham says:

    Josh Wilkin would be a fun weekend for you and Emily! X

  20. Rachel Ball says:

    Max Beavis – desperate times call for desperate measures …. maybe not desperate enough??!!

  21. Karen Donaghy says:

    Louise Duffy xx

  22. Marc McCreadie says:

    Glynn, you could scrape a plate with the best of them.

  23. Davina Vallance says:

    Cameron Butt??

  24. Guy Davies says:

    Emily Tyndall only if they’re happy with a rotation of Thai green curry, bolog, and a stir fry

  25. Claire Parkyn says:

    Emily Parkyn idea for you!!

  26. Kathryn Cherry says:


  27. Nicholas Broun says:

    Naomi Botica Alex Brockman an alternative if we don’t get tickets 🤣

  28. Mounir Benmailoud Iraa Sbai says:

    I worked there 1994 and 1995,it was a wonderful experience 🙂

  29. Kyra Perella says:

    Denise Daly for Kieran x

  30. Vanessa Holman says:

    William Holman, fancy chefing here. xxx

  31. Sophie Mann says:

    Amie Cotter do it do it!!! I said you best he at glasto mate by any means necessary!

  32. Tracey Valerie says:

    Ciara McHale Bryony McHale one way of going! 👍

  33. Laura Ray says:

    Angela Anderson- one for Scott?

  34. Alana Daly says:

    Marianne Betts ! X

  35. Amanda Gentil says:

    Rory Taylor Chef in the kitchen!

  36. Emma Reed says:

    Yes please I’m available if u want me to help thanks Emma Reed

  37. Alice Matthews says:

    Loretta Jane Pritchard for Mel?? If he fancy cooking at glasto 🍽

  38. Rose Copcutt says:

    Do you need a taster i am free

  39. Alex Bell says:

    Neil Brownley you could always work in the kitchen

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