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Glastonbury Festival news: All #Glastonbury2019 ticket holders will be given a free programme at the gates …

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Glastonbury Festival news: All #Glastonbury2019 ticket holders will be given a free programme at the gates …

Latest update from Glastonbury Festival

All #Glastonbury2019 ticket holders will be given a free programme at the gates as they arrive – but if you’d like to purchase a spare, or will be enjoying the BBC’s coverage from your sofa, you can buy one, priced at Β£10, from our online shop at https://glas.to/programme

Glastonbury Festival (official)


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32 Responses

  1. Jessica Danter says:

    Tom Griffiths get me one thanks

  2. Nigel Henry says:

    Can you post a photo of what the ticket looks like too?* I think I might have lost mine…
    (* and the back, if it’s OK πŸ˜‰ )

  3. Ryan Hamer says:

    Good design this year.

  4. Liz Aitken says:

    Will we get a lanyard type thing with a mini version as well, or just that guide? Thanks.

  5. Shaun McCann says:

    How good is that to accompany the BBC iPlayer this weekend. Hope it arrives on time.

  6. Michael Beevers says:

    On recycled paper I hope.

  7. Lee Worswick says:

    Rather watch paint dry than go and watch this year’s line up πŸ’©

  8. Donna Gibson says:

    Leah Gibson Courtney Cuthbert excited!!!!! Xxx

  9. Russell Pearce says:

    Piss off Glastonbury sell me 5 tickets instead you
    2019 ruiner

  10. Harriet Dales says:

    Samuel James wow free u were right

  11. Joe Husband says:

    Sam Sinstadt get me one please bro (not buy)

  12. Lucie Hume says:

    £10??? 😱

  13. Ben Clay says:

    Can you buy on site?

  14. Rosalind Thomas says:

    Do children get one please? Just wondering as they don’t actually have a ticket? Thanks

  15. Hannah Jacques says:

    wahhhhhhh x

  16. Stuart Macdonald says:

    rub it in why dont ya? ☹

  17. Justin Hood says:

    Zeta Fitzpatrick !!

  18. Aoife Dempsey says:

    Amy OatesAmy Deirdre Leavy

  19. Martin Keegan says:

    Why so cheap? 2017 had a Β£28 price tag on the cover

  20. Anthony Newcomb says:

    The art looks gorgeous!

  21. Diane Baker says:

    So unusual to get a free program in the first place these days

  22. Katherine Warry Johnston says:

    Anna Hatton love a programme

  23. Malaurie Orrin says:

    Catherine Begley fancy a program instead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  24. Ben Palmer says:

    Can I get 2 tickets instead please πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  25. Laura Street says:

    Carly Govier you get one of these this year! As you and Ryan get one each could we nick one of yours please? πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜˜

  26. Fred C. Bambridge says:

    Tote bags? Ive got one every year!

  27. Elizebeth Jane Harse says:

    I can’t make it to the festival but Can I purchase a lanyard version please? Or any of you guys heading to the festival get me 1 & I can pm u & pay u?

  28. Katie Marie White says:

    Matthew Horrocks we should attempt to keep one nice and then frame it for the house!

  29. Melanie Kemp says:

    Cool ! Thought they’d be about Β£20 !

  30. Bugz MCginty says:

    Glasto is Rubbish now .its all about the m,oney ,crap crap crap

  31. Gaby Bromage says:

    Someone post a picture of the free one online so the rest of us don’t have to pay

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