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Festival drugs charges see teens under lock and key

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Festival drugs charges see teens under lock and key

Two teenagers who were arrested for drugs offences at Kendall Calling Festival have between them received a total of 39 months in a young offenders’ institute. They also have a further 8 months worth of sentencing between them running concurrently.

The festival saw around 25,000 attend but only 13 arrests were made for drug dealing offences.

Of these, two have just been sentenced, and Kevin Grice, the Recorder at Carlisle Crown Court, in handing down the judgements, said:

“If you concern yourself with the supply of class A drugs to others at a music festival you must lose your liberty. That’s not just punishment for you, but to deter others to do the same, believing that if they are caught they will only receive a suspended sentence.”

Kane Joseph Morgan (18), of Dalebrook Close, Little Lever, Bolton and Leon John Carroll (18), of Hawarden Street, also Bolton, pleaded guilty after police arrested them for suspicious behaviour at the festival and found various drugs both on them and in their luggage.

Morgan claimed under interview the drugs found in his possession at the festival were for personal use. However he admitted he would supply his friends if they wanted some. Evidence he had been dealing was discovered on his phone.

Carroll admitted a small bag of tablets found on him were ecstasy and that he had both brought some to the event and bought others while he was there. A further 31 tablets retrieved from the rucksack in his tent were tested and found to be a lesser drug, although Carroll had told police they were also MDMA (ecstasy). For this reason he was charged with attempting to possess MDMA.

Messages on Carroll’s phone showed he had tried to buy a further £200 worth of drugs.
Morgan was sentenced to 21 months in a young offenders’ institution for the supply of MDMA and six months for the supply of ketamine, which will run concurrently.

Carroll was sentenced to 18 months in a young offenders’ institution for attempting to possess MDMA, one month for possession of ketamine and two months for the possession of MDMA, to run concurrently.

Speaking after the festival, Chief Inspector David Bosson, of Cumbria police, was reported as saying:

“Although we did make a number of arrests over the weekend, the number is relatively small.

“We made it clear beforehand that we would not tolerate drugs at the event and most people took this on board.

“The amnesty bins were widely used and The Loop front-of-house testing service was a fantastic resource that enabled users to find out what was in substances of concern and to be given advice to help keep them safe.”

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