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It’s Friday! Let the bands begin.

My first move is to arrive on site early and check in with the main man himself, Andy Copping! We’ll kick start proceedings with a big high five to celebrate the beginning of another epic weekend at the home of rock!

Two words that perfectly sum up any righteous morning at Download Festival are simply: Breakfast…Burrito – I need to fuel up for the day ahead and these bad boys have got my back!

Just before the gates, I’ll head over to the security viewing platform that overlooks the festival site and watch as the first lot of the Download family come through the gates and down the hill into the arena.

Now… Let’s go watch some bands and have an awesome weekend!

First, I’ll head over to the sound desk of the Main Stage, tipping my cap to the giant totem dogs that guard either side of the stage on the way. I need to make sure I get over there good and early because it’s time to watch NORTHLANE open the festival in style. It’s amazing to see how far this band has come and how much they’ve grown since they played the 3rd Stage in 2015. Their new album absolutely slays, so I can’t wait to hear the new material in a live setting.

Then I’ll quickly head over to The Avalanche Stage, in time to watch ASTROID BOYS take the stage. Hopefully I’ll bump into the legend that is Alex Baker (Kerrang! Fresh Blood), give him a big hug and thank him for hosting this awesome new stage for us this weekend.

Next, I’ll head over to the NXT Arena to check out how everything is going –  if there is anything I love as much as rock & metal, it’s wrestling (oh god I bloody love wrestling and it fits so well at Download). NXT is the most exciting brand in wrestling on the planet, so I’m super stoked to have the NXT superstars back at Donington.

Now it’s time for the big guns, or should I say big tanks (I hope they bring the tank!) as SABATON take to the Main Stage. I absolutely love this band and they are incredibly entertaining. A definite ‘must see’ of the weekend.

I imagine that my breakfast burrito will be starting to wear off by now, so I’ll probably grab a quick bite to eat (which is easier said than done and there’s been plenty of days at Download where I forget to eat the entire day).

Then I’ll high tail it back over to the Avalanche Stage to see CODE ORANGE. Such an earnest, guttural and refreshing band. They killed it on the Gojira tour and I love their album. I bet the tent will be rammed for this one.

The mighty MASTODON are my next band of the day and they will be a must see as I can’t stop listening to the new album. I love the mix of their old sounds with them taking some risks and introducing new vibes – it works amazingly and I’m so buzzed to see them on the Main Stage. LONG LIVE METAL!! \m/

No doubt buzzing from that performance I’ll then pop over to the guest area to say hi to my friends and family – always great to see everyone together in the one place for the same reason. To have the best time together celebrating all things heavy!

I’ll then grab some of my friends from the guest area because it is sing-along time with FOUR YEAR STRONG back at the Avalanche Stage. I’m so tempted to wear a Lucha Libre wrestling mask for this – it would only seem fitting!

Next up is a double header – first I’ll go see BARONESS on the Zippo Encore Stage and then run to see VENOM PRISON on the Dogtooth Stage – I suggest everyone does the same because. BARONESS!! VENOM PRISON!!

Before the day is done, I’ll make sure I head up to the massive metal Download dog head – such an epic addition to the festival last year, I need to go give the pooch a pat and thank him for another killer year at the greatest place on earth.

Next band to tick off the list for the day will be PROPHETS OF RAGE. I love RATM, I love Cypress Hill, I love Public Enemy…I’m going to BLOODY LOVE this show! If you haven’t checked out the set list from their previous show, go do it now….I’ll wait…I KNOW RIGHT!?!?!

To round off the day I’m going to go for another double header and watch both of our headliners for this evening, half of SUM 41, followed by half of SYSTEM OF A DOWN, equals guaranteed sing-alongs and circle pits to close the first day….tomorrow will have a lot to live up to.

But even though the bands are over, the fun never stops as I’ll probably head up to the Village to dance the night away at the Doghouse, which will be hosted by an array of awesome club nights and DJ’s from across the UK! Come join me!!

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1 day ago

Download Festival

Happy Father's Day to all our ROCKIN' #DL2018 Dads!!! 🤘🔥🖤 ... See MoreSee Less


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Can’t wait till my kids are old enough to bring ‘em .. be a few years yet though ! .. What a great day last Sunday was !!! Phenomenal !

Greatest download post I've seen. Have a great day dad's.

Richard Euan lifegoals

Lisa Burgin-Townsend look who's on Download fathers day 🙂

Grant Jeffery


Got a Motorhead t-shirt from my two trainees 🤘

the crowd surfing kid was amazing!

Did anyone get a picture of a lad with a Brujiera t-shirt on who was slamming it in the Hatebreed pit? He was probably about 11 or 12? Kid was brilliant!

Polly Anther i cant

Lloyd Obrian

Taken my lad 3 times now. 1st tome to see maiden. He got to see Motorhead play too. He was 9 the first time. Took him to see sabbath and this year to see guns. Great experience to share with him.

My oldest is 17 it's his 8th Download my youngest is 7 and it's his 3rd, I hope I can do this with 3 generations of my family

Next year fathers day will be while we're all at download! And yep we got our tickets today😀

Jack Ragnar Odin-son you and Freya when she’s old enough

How young can kids be to go to download ?

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Download Festival

Did you spend some time exploring the weird and wonderful at the SINDROME during #DL2018? 🤘⚡ ... See MoreSee Less


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They were awesome

Those dudes on the bikes in that circular structure were insane!

Spent most of Saturday there, had a good spot for the Air Guitar stuff

missed most of it - but a good place to hang out - be good if something was happening right till the end?

Missed Most of it. Will it all be back next year ?

I miss download already

Saw the wall of death and the cringe-worthy air guitar. Missed the fighting though!

I can see you in one of the photos, I'm hidden 😥

Hayley Pirie xxx

Seen some guy get lightning through his head. Blew my mind!

There was no time schedule listed for these that I saw I was disappointed to have missed the electric guys and the wall of death

Download app crashed a lot for many of us, no big signage to tell us about this around the park. And for a Fest called Download... barely any Wi Fi so couldn't... "Download" lol

The motorbike guys were really good

Great seeing the knights kicking seven bells out of each other. Much more interesting than the sanitised tosh you normally see when knights ‘fight’. Agree with a schedule and WiFi points, though. Would be happy to pay for w/e WiFi access (although having said that, it was also nice not to have it!)

Wait that was a freak show I saw walking around if I’d known I’d would been there

No... Mainly because it was on the weekend and clashed with the music, despite there being two other days with little to do (not that I'm complaining; the comedians are usually pretty good). I think you'd sell more 5 day tickets if you moved these events onto the Wednesday and Thursday; people come to music festivals to see bands.

You more photos from the Air Guitar Championships?

I wasnt that bothered about the lineup this year so spent some time watching people beat each other at demolition download..

Who won the air guitar competition? Hoping it was WildThing...

Lee Mayers


Missed all of this due to no schedule.

Saw a guy climb a sword ladder and juggle swords...but then GNR started and that put paid to seeing anything else 🙂

Nope, didn't like most of it, wish I didn't miss the electric guys though

Saw some people do air guitar it was so cringey

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