Cold festival drinks all weekend – the Coleman Cool Box Xtreme

by John Bownas
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Anyone who tells you that civilisation started with the mastery of fire has never tasted a properly chilled gin and tonic on a festival campsite.

Warm white wine anyone? No…we didn’t think so.

Rub two sticks together for long enough and you might be able to start a barbecue – but if you don’t have any festival refrigeration facilities you’ll struggle to prepare a fresh tasting burger more than a day into your camping experience (unless you happen to be a first class hunter and are prepared to butcher your meat fresh in the field).

Enter the Coleman Coolbox Xtreme.

This 66l monster weighs a tonne once full of beer and ice…but its super-strong handles can take whatever you throw at them.

But its real super-power is just how long it can keep its contents chilled.

As long as you start with cold food and drinks that have been properly refrigerated in advance and you add in a few ice packs and a couple of bags of ice cubes this bad boy will ensure you never have to grimace over a luke-warm lager again.

We took ours to Glastonbury on the Tuesday this year, and even on the Sunday, as the last few tinnies slipped south, we were still enjoying a below-room-temerature experience.

Get your now and we promise you’ll never look back…


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