Bearded Theory 2019 – in photos

by John Bownas
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Wow – another great year at the Bearded Theory Spring Gathering. This one of those festivals that just keeps pulling you back year after year…

The weather was kind and the notorious queues of 2018 to get on site are now just a distant memory as the gate timings and general co-ordination have both improved dramatically.

We were treated to some really standout main stage sets from the likes of The Cult, Suede, Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul (what a showman!), Ginger Wildheart (once the vocals got sorted out for those at the front of the crowd), Steel Pulse and – perhaps most notably for some, Reef.

But elsewhere there were other treats in store and catching the Beans on Toast set as the sun went down over the Woodland on Thursday had to be high up there on the list. Along with that we were delighted by the genius metal one-man-cello-band who is Mr Marcaille, plus a fizzing-with-energy set from Imperial Leisure, and some foot-stomping, babble-rousing folk-punk from Matilda’s Scoundrels.

Oh – and we never passed the Something Else Tea Tent without sticking our heads in and being entertained every time…

The festival has always had an eclectic booking policy, and whilst it does veer towards a folk and punk ethic in the main, the headliners always bring in a wider and more diverse set of influences with classic indie and rock generally dominating the top slots.

Here’s a load of photos from the brilliant to remind you of the good times – or leave you kicking yourself for not having been there…


The Cult


Beans on Toast


Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul



Matilda’s Scoundrels

Imperial Leisure

Steel Pulse

The Mahones


The Blinders

Fat and Furious

Brewer’s Daughter

Smiley and the Underclass

Zombie Met Girl




Nebula Sun

Seth Lakeman

Slow Readers Club

Pattern Pusher

Stevie Simpson

Mad Dog Macrea




Holly Crook

Heavy Lungs

The Newcranes

Alchohol Licks

The Blunders


Rev Hammer


Wildwood Kin

Ginger Wildheart

Mr Marcaille

Easy Star Allstars

Little Red Kings

Pulled Apart by Horses

Orphan Colours

True Stays

Justin Sullivan

Stiff Joints

Stiff Little Fingers

51st State


Sophie Mehon and the Ready Mades



The Skids

The Sherlocks

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