Beans on Toast at Tunbridge Wells Forum – a prelude to another great festival season

He’s come a long way from the days when he couldn’t get a gig at Glastonbury…

Jay – AKA Beans on Toast – is as warm and genuine a human being as you’re likely to ever have the priviledge to meet, and his presence on a festival bill these days is more of a ‘must have‘ than a ‘nice to have’.

His songs tread the fine line between social conciousness and gritty realism as he highlights matters of global concern whilst at the same time admitting his own human fraility.

I eat chicked with the best of them‘ he admits as he ponders the plights of the billions of chickens whose short lives are far from pleasant…

Tonight at The Forum his current roadshow features Sweden’s Benjamin Folke Thomas and Jess Morgan in an efficient and engaging approach to keeping interest levels high and tour-costs in check.

Benjamin opens the night with his salubrious repertoire of songs and jokes and later takes up guitar duties on the Beans on Toast band.

Jess takes the middle slot with her solo material and then returns to fill in the bass lines during the headline set.

And what a set – but what else would you expect from a many who has been enthralling and entertaining audiences as only he knows how for almost 15 years with, we’re pleased to say, no sign yet of running out of steam or new ideas.

Not that his new songs threaten to squeeze any of his all-time classics out of the set-list. ‘Don’t you get bored of singing M.D.M.Azing?’ he was asked early on in this tour during a pre-show interview. ‘Why would I get bored with that song,‘ he replied, ‘it’s taken me to places I could only dream of!

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