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An audience with Marie White – Glastonbury emerging talent contest winner

We want to say a huge thanks to The Stag Inn in Hastings for hosting this great night of banter with the lovely Marie White.

Not only is she an amazing songwriter and performer – she’s also a raconteur of the highest order.

For someone who will next week be playing at the greatest show on earth, there’s not one sign of nerves – except of course for the nervous poo story from the Glastonbury finals night in part two.

To find out a bit more about what makes her tick these interview videos are compulsive viewing, telling the story of a journey from a top-flight badminton career to standing on the cusp of musical stardom…

Let’s get Glastonbury out of the way first…
The songwriting process and much more

Photos by www.sarabowreyphotos.com

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