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6 hours ago

BBC Radio 6 Music

Lauren and Mary Anne’s faces say it all. What a treat it was to have Iggy Pop at Maida Vale today. ... See MoreSee Less

Lauren and Mary Anne’s faces say it all. What a treat it was to have Iggy Pop at Maida Vale today.


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Did you have Iggy Pop coming in today?

He's looking good these days. 😁

I actually braved the inanity of Mary Anne Hobbs to listen to this. Great set by the brilliant Iggy!

Today was great ladies, love both of your shows, good to hear the exchanges between you both , and Iggy was superb! Much love

Top chicks

An embarrassment of riches.

Which one is Iggy?

David Sylvian on the right? ;)

Is there a pic.with his top off?

Maybe we could have Guy Garvey do something one day - or Kate Tempest - or what about someone from an early 90s Manchester background? That would be ace.

Well done, ladies! An exceptional morning’s listening. Iggy and the “Free” band were brilliant. The new tracks really came to life, and loved the versions of “Sister Midnight” and “The Endless Sea”, and a Sleaford Mods cover! Bliss.

Oops, just stumbled onto the Daily Mail website by mistake... Bye.

Very happy for them 🙄

Super Glue?


Looking good for his age

Iggy's changed!

Mary Anne's face says 'I need a poo'

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8 hours ago

BBC Radio 6 Music

Incredible. Iggy Pop’s set is now available on BBC Sounds. ... See MoreSee Less


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Those dreadful nauseating adverts and per gig warblings by MAH actually made me switch off. Safer to listen on catch up!

Great to listen in to Iggy and the band.

I had tickets and then work got in the way, hope someone managed to get the spares!! (i returned them as can't pass on)

It was fantastic

How do I find it on BBC Sounds?

"If you don't feel free enough, that's not good enough." Iggy Pop. Uber cool. :) much love, respect and thanks for sharing your musical knowledge and inspiring outlook, today and beyond x

Loved it

It was fantastic. I've never listened to Iggy Pop live before. I shall now be a big fan. 🤩

This was fantastic, I missed some of it as work got in the way of my listening 😂 so I will definitely be listening again 🤘🏼

Love the Ig

Awesome that’s all I can say

Enjoy his new album :)!!
 How to get tickets for Maida Vale BB6 future concerts?

Sad I didn’t get tickets as it looks amazing. Loved Glow in the Dark and love the shirt Iggy 😍

I was lucky to have a ticket, it was brilliant.

This was ace. Will it be available to watch anywhere??

Loved it !!! :):) big cheesy grin :):) X


Loved it so wish I had been lucky enough to get tickets

Robert Gilles

Nice to hear Endless sea 👍


Ahiad Lock

Awful DJ ruins R6 when hes on.

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