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10 hours ago

BBC Radio 6 Music

It's National Pie Day... go on then, let's make some pie bands
Shame & Ale Pie
Lemon Jelly Meringue Pie
Neneh Cherry Pie
Curry Puff Daddy Pastry
Black Keys Lime Pie
Smashing Pumpkin Pie
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Tart Garfunkel

Alabama 3.14159

Teenage Flanclub.

THE WHO ate all the pies

Banoffyrama, the scone roses, black keys lime pie

The Sex Pie Stalls

Not quite on message but how about Shoe Gazey pie?

What about songs, Pastie Duchie on the left hand side.

Whitesnake and kidney pie

Cream.....any need for further explanation?

Pie and the Family Stone

Led Zep-pie-lin; Black Stone Cherry Pie; Frightened Rabbit Pie; Biffy Pie-ro...


Steak and "Stiltskin" pie! Sorry....

Looking forward to listening to all these bands on pie-rate radio

Bachmann turnover drive. If it were cakes could I offer the Rolling scones?

Pie-man and Garfunkel - The sound of Shepherds Pie-lence

Lucy in the Pie with diamonds.

Anti-pasty Anything crusties listen to

Sou-et pudding-xsie and the Banshees

The Jam pie or Bon Pie-ver?

Lemon jelly pie

Silver Apples Pie

2pieR unlimited - not just a pie joke but a Maths joke too!

Ex band from Berwick upon Tweed PIE Party In Exile

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