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📀 Which (lost) classic record did you discover for the first time in 2017? ... See MoreSee Less


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how can discover something lost for the first time?

Kyuss Welcome to Sky Valley. Maybe not "Classic" in the traditional sense but it is both an album and band that I discovered this year. Haven't been able to get enough of them.

Joni Mitchell-Coyote. Heard the track on Radio 6 so I bought the album, it’s from Hejira. I love it when you discover an artist, well I say discover I had heard some of her work. Anyway I can now look forward to listening to the back catalogue. Thanks Radio 6.

Relationship of command by at the drive in. It was part of my partners collection & I only listened to it this year out of curiosity & it blew me away. The sad thing is we’ve lived together for over 5 years & it’s been sat upstairs all this time.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds "No more shall we part". Lyrical genius and eccentric rock god. Bowie was brilliant but this guy is something else.

Life Without Buildings - Any Other City LP from 1990. How I missed this Glasgow group first time round, I'll never know. Discovered thanks to Rough Trade Shop's Post Punk CD release - a treasure trove.

Great topic, Radio 6! Had heard OF but never took the time to listen to The Velvet Underground. Then I stumbled across "Rock and roll"! Going to have to research many of the other tracks listed on these posts.

Nas- illmatic. Was sick of it after so many listens. Rediscovered it this year and it sounds as fresh as ever.

Peter Gabriel by Peter Gabriel l. His first solo album. An absolute belter of a record.

Loveless by My Bloody Valentine. Astonishing album.

Lotta Sea Lice - Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile. Thanks @shaunwkeaveny

Funkadelic - One Nation Under A Groove. It was quite ride for me because it is a musical genre i don't pay much atention to but i decided to give it a listen and was amazed by this record.

Script Of The Bridge by The Chameleons. I'd never heard of them until Steve Lamacq played Up The Down Escalator a few weeks back. What a track & what an album!

The Police - Regatta de Blanc. My hatred of Sting always stopped me giving the Police a proper go but this is a cracking album.

The Cure - Mixed Up. Most remix albums are pants, and many 80s remixes are stark proof that more is less, but this is delightful and managed to elude me for 27 years!

Animals by Pink Floyd also. Not an album I’ve listened to in the past, but after seeing roger perform most of it on the Us and Them tour, it’s been a welcome addition to my listening life.

I didn't know the Tide is High was a cover until I started listening to 6. In fact, I have discovered a lot of quality reggae music in general. Heard one yesterday by Prince Fatty that blew my mind

Neil Young's Thrasher, can't believe I'd never stumbled across it! It was lost to me. Also Considering A Move To Memphis by The Colorblind James Experience, not sure if it was lost or a classic, cracking tune though.

Sparks, in general, who I'd always assumed were a bit of a novelty band. Difficult to pick one album from the couple of dozen, not that I've managed to listen to all. "No. 1 in Heaven" was a surprise.

Van Morrison : Astral weeks. I’d avoided buying his stuff then & then heard Bruce Springsteen on Desert Island Discs pick a track off the album. Bought it the next day & aged 55 I regret the years i’ve not listened to him.

Into the valley - the skids. Had completely forgotten about it. Heard it and it took me right back to dancing in the scout hut at someone's party in the late 70s. Awesome.

I'm not quite sure if this counts, but despite my love of 60s and 70s music, it's only this year that I've got into Fleetwood Mac. Songbird was an instant favourite of mine.

Not lost but haven't played the colour of spring by talk talk for a while but it'd been played a lot this year

I was a big fan of Heidi Berry when she was on 4AD, and of Kitchens of Distinction, and I knew that Heidi had collaborated briefly with Kitchens' Patrick Fitzgerald in the late 90s - what I only discovered this year is that they retrospectively released those 1998 recordings in 2014. So ridiculously excited 😁

Born to Be With You by Dion. The ultimate lost album! Lots of kudos for the recommendation to the family too eh Phil? 🤓👍

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