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End of the Road Festival news: Who was your favourite discovery at #EOTR2021? | Gem Harris + Countessian Photo

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Who was your favourite discovery at #EOTR2021? 📸 | Gem Harris + Countessian Photography + Burak Cingi

End Of The Road Festival


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24 Responses

  1. Janna Rogers says:

    There were lots of stand out moments and amazing headlines, but I was particularly overjoyed by Red River Dialect and am still laughing with the honesty and funniness of Flo & Joan

  2. Julia Devitt says:

    The Umlauts, Porridge Radio, Wu-Lu, the Goa Express for us

  3. Mike Bonsall says:

    caroline and Modern Woman

  4. Mark Conroy says:

    Anna B Savage, Kikagaku Moyo, Sleep Eaters!!

  5. Keely Rhodes says:

    Sipho – what a performance!

  6. Sophy Martinez Delaney says:

    Kikagaku Moyo and Jonny Dillon

  7. Scott Owen says:


  8. Anthony Chalmers says:

    Umlauts & Mermaid Chunky best acts I’d see for the first time I think

  9. Brown Timothy says:

    Nearly 40 real ales. Oh the bands, loads from mermaid chunky through daman alburn and Ann meridith ..porridge radio and dry cleaning .loads more …the whole festival was immense . Thank you.

  10. Rob Robinson says:

    Billy Nomates-and chuffed I finally got to see Porridge Radio, they didn’t disappoint!

  11. Jo West says:

    Crack Cloud and Kikagaku Moyo were my favourite finds. Both awesome!

  12. Jacqui Mulville says:

    Giant Swan

  13. Joseph Croft says:


  14. Russell Yewdall says:

    Lee Patterson, Soccer96, Horsey, Babii

  15. Georgina Walker says:

    Jim Ghedi

  16. Pete Nuttall says:

    Horsey! 🐴🐎🏇

  17. Iain Morrison says:

    Golden Dregs and Anteloper

  18. John Robinson says:

    Me rex

  19. Ian Craig says:

    Anna B Savage

  20. Rachel Cawley says:

    Kiran Leonard

  21. Geof Elgie says:


  22. Magnus Wadsack says:

    Me Rex and GoneGirl

  23. Gerry Simpson says:

    Blood Wizard and Caroline

  24. Simon Elliott says:

    Mermaid chunky

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