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End of the Road Festival news: Now that the dust has settled on #EOTR2021, who are you picking out as your high

Latest update from End of the Road

Now that the dust has settled on #EOTR2021, who are you picking out as your highlight set? 📸 | Countessian Photography + Burak Cingi + Nick Helderman

End Of The Road Festival


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33 Responses

  1. Ian Fussell says:

    1. BCNR
    2. Trash Kit
    3. Mermaid Chunky

    Might change my mind tomorrow though. Great weekend.

  2. Paul Bates says:

    In no particular order, Jane Weaver, Teleman, The Comet is Coming and Jonny Greenwood.

  3. Martin Smith says:

    Off the top of my head, John Grant, Katy J Pearson, Anna Meredith, John x2 and W H Lung for me

  4. Peter Franklin Routh says:

    Teleman, Jane Weaver, Richard Dawson, John Grant

  5. Keely Rhodes says:

    Lonelady, arlo parks, hot chip, sipho, lil simz. What a weekend! If I have to choose one, lil simz. I was right at the front and she blew me away.

  6. Joel Beams says:

    Little Simz absolutely bossed it. Squid were excellent and Anna Meredith was a joy. Great weekend

  7. Scott Williams says:

    Golden Dregs

  8. Brett Stewart says:


  9. Ben Pearson says:

    WH Lung…joint second place for Stereolab, Anna Meredith, Arab Strap, John Grant and Richard Dawson….

  10. Julia Devitt says:

    WH Lung, Porridge Radio, Penelope Isles, Squid, The Umlauts, Wu-Lu and not usually my diet of thing but I really enjoyed Arlo Parks

  11. Jo West says:

    Crack Cloud of course!

  12. Joe Clarke says:

    Elijah Wolf 🐺

  13. Matt Paradise says:

    Just mustard, Jonny greenwood and hot chip

  14. Bob Heap says:

    Willie Tea Taylor, Billy Nomates, Shirley Collins and John Grant with special mentions for Jane Weaver, Little Simz and Arlo Parks. What do you mean that’s too many?! Could have named a dozen more worthy of mention.

  15. Alex Alphonsus Matthews says:

    Bo Ningen and Jonny Greenwood for me.

  16. Rob Greening says:

    loraine james, caroline, jonny greenwood and little simz

  17. Kate O'Rourke says:

    Little Simz without a doubt!

  18. Pete Nuttall says:

    It’s tricky but ‘Girl Band just take it…..really enjoyed Horsey (secret st) with king Krule making an appearance at the end. Have to say every band I saw were great & the festival as a whole was too! 🙏😘🎸🎸

  19. Sarah Jones says:

    Richard Dawson. He even converted some people we had dragged along

  20. Kevin Gill says:

    Porridge radio, Wu-Lu ,Dry Cleaning , The Goah Express
    Special mention for Damon Albarn, I don’t own anything he’s done & never really fancied seeing him but I really enjoyed his set & looked like he did as well 👍
    Plenty more excellent performances I can honestly say I didn’t see anything I can say a bad word about

  21. Pascoe Needle says:

    Modern woman

  22. Andrew Oughton says:

    So many so many – but Me Rex, Anna Meredith, Damon Albarn, Little Simz, Elijah Wolf, Goa Express, Fenne Lily – all amazing.

    Honourable mentions to Teleman, Katy J’s secret set, Girl Ray, Eve Owen, Billy Nomates, Arab Strap & Sleafords.

    Anything to add Vicky Pearlman Richard Bradbury Mark Barnes David Greely? x

  23. Andy Johnston says:

    Caroline were exceptional

  24. Nick Ruck says:

    The Comet Is Coming were astonishingly brilliant

  25. Ian Weston says:

    Yard Act in the Tipi, Hot Chip and Sleaford Mods on the main stage. Penelope Isles in the Big Top.

  26. Amanda Bennett says:


  27. Andy S. Kank says:

    Trash Kit, Little Simz, Black Country New Road, Johnny Greenwood, Ann Meredith, John Grant, Romare, Baumaya Project, Me Rex, Dana Gavanski

  28. Phil Scholes says:

    Sleaford Mods, Arab Strap, Richard Dawson, the Black Country New Road and Katy J Pearson secret gigs, and loads more

  29. Kay Howlett says:

    Anna Meredith

  30. Austen Dack says:

    Darren Haymen, Lazarus Kane, John Grant, Yard Act, Sleepeaters, Regressive Left, Studio Electrophonique, The Umlauts etc etc

  31. Jim Busher says:

    Anna B Savage

  32. Stacey Thomas says:

    WH Lung, Sleaford Mods, Katy Pearson for me.

  33. Alex Woodall says:

    John Grant obv. But loads more too. Old faves Charlie Cunningham and Jim Ghedi and new surprises Balimaya Project, Johnny Dillon, Pat T Smith, Anteloper, Fenne Lily, Red River Dialect and Little Simz.

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