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With only a handful of weeks to go til our amazing community is reunited and we’re back on the hallowed grounds of Donington, we’re feeling pretty nostalgic🖤

Send us some pics or videos of your favourite Download memories from past years in the comments, and you could win a little gift from us 👀🤘

(Entries close at midnight on Monday 2nd May. Please see our competition T&Cs here👉

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  1. Bugsie Bale says:

    My first ever Download (Download Pilot) … The plan was always to go Download the first year after I graduated nursing at in 2019 with Kayleigh Budgie Bale . Covid had other plans,but we went to the pilot and I’m excited for June!

  2. Nikki Darch says:

    Me and my daughter Stephanie King can’t wait to come home 😄

  3. Rajeev Gosai says:

    Wearing this at download was hilarious, too many people were entertained 😂

  4. Josh Francis says:

    Meeting new people as we were setting up the tent and staying friends afterwards! Ollie King Joe Tyack Ryan Conway Ben Harris Jessie Rose Christian Tabone Matthew Searle Kieran Dowling Emma ‘Panda’ Geeson Dave Mitchell

  5. Paula Stokes says:

    Download 2019, waiting on Slipknot to begin 🤘

  6. Jo Green says:

    My first Download, and one of my favourite weekends ever 😍🤘 with Dave Walters ❤️

  7. Phil Archer says:

    Me and my son in 2019,it was his first Download Festival. He loved seeing Slipknot and Slayer!

  8. Kellie Anne says:

    First moshpit in 2 years – can you tell?😂😂

  9. Julie Stevenson says:

    We love mud ❤🤘xx

  10. Mel Harris says:

    Not strictly AT Download because this was in the back garden during the 1st LockDownload which he thoroughly enjoyed!! 🤘🏻 He’s not coming with us in June, but probably next year for sure… I can’t cope with the nagging any longer 🙈😂

  11. Kellie Anne says:

    Oh, and the good old doghouse! 😂

  12. Carrie Simpson says:

    Hope this works. Little video of me snd my friends over the years. Party hard guys

  13. Michael Steven Dooris says:

    Download 2009 to see def leppard ( also went in 2011 & 2019 ) c ya in a few weeks for maiden 🤟🏻🤟🏻

  14. Lee Bennington says:

    Didn’t get many pics as I was to busy enjoying it! (the way it should be) 😊

  15. Shay Fagan says:

    This was the last download we went to as a family before the big man passed, will never forget it!🤘🏻❤️

  16. Danny Reed says:


  17. Charlie Black says:

    Steph Langridge Ffion Perkins ❤️❤️

  18. Leyla Bower says:

    Always go with family. This is mi Ma and Pa. They’ve been rocking out at Donnington since it was Monsters Of Rock 🤘🏻

  19. Alex Barton says:

    Download Pilot last year, probably the best download I’ve been too! Me and 9 other girls all decided to book it to go alone and then we all decided to go together. Still till this day we are all still friends and meet up all the time even though we are scattered all over the country. Can’t wait to see them all again at download year to celebrate mine and one of the other girls birthdays 🥳

  20. Emma Jehu says:

    During Slipknots performance

  21. Gail Reeves says:

    My daughter just loves this festival!
    So much that she’s volunteering this year!!
    Go Millie Reeves ❤

  22. Emma Jehu says:

    2018 i believe 🤔

  23. Emma Jehu says:

    Just after skindred 2019 i think

  24. Dave Kalynuk says:

    Dressing up as Ghostbusters at Download 2009!

  25. Ellie D-b says:

    Taking my daughter to her 1st download in 2019 🥰

  26. Lisa Young says:

    Best weekend ever with you guys. Carl Graceffa Michelle Young Emma Redman Nick J Kempster Johnson Kaz Ocdc Jones

  27. Lisa Jane Hanley says:

    Me and my dads first download together in 2018 🖤

  28. Stephanie Rose says:

    Did not let a broken big toe with 9 stitches stop me! 😅

  29. Jade Robinson says:

    Definitely when my now husband proposed in 2016, just as Breaking Benjamin came on stage ❤️

  30. Jayne Hair says:

    Kiss face painting in 2009

  31. Jayne Hair says:

    The mud in 2016!

  32. Jayne Hair says:

    And even Download At Home in 2020…..

  33. Hazell Clements says:

    I didn’t fall down In the mud in 2019… Honest!! 🫣

  34. Dave Lean says:

    Watching the original line up of guns n roses. Absolute dream come true. Best year so far 2018!!

  35. Leia Taddeo says:

    Pilot 😁😁😁 was amazing to be part of something so beautiful lol

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