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Who’s ready to see Main Stage views like this again? 🤘 Remember, you’ve got just 1 week to secure your tickets for DL2022 before ticket prices increase on 1st October – don’t hang about! 🔥 bit.ly/3u7Ekpx #DL2022

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43 Responses

  1. Ian Chinery says:

    Looking at the other euro fests next year, download have really dropped the ball!

  2. Paul Bayliss says:

    With these prices and line up might as well go to a European fest!

  3. I’ve carried mine over again but it would be nice to get an email to confirm!

  4. Debra Wyatt says:

    We have carried ours over from 2019 as we booked as soon as we were back home, noticed we’d been refunded with no prior notice, we hadnt asked for a refund, then had to rebook 2022 tickets and had the privaledge of paying an extra £100 between us, absolutley disgusting! especially when we attend every year.

  5. Ewan Macdonald you got yours yet bro?

  6. Has anyone got an account with TicketMaster? Ive rolled over my 5 day camping pass over twice as many of us have but nothing is showing in my account.other tickets for other gigs are. Ive tried to contact them but its a but there hopeless. Any ideas

  7. Andrew Smith says:

    Sorry but next years lineup is too weak to justify this price unfortunately

  8. Tash Sperrey Alexander Oxford Solveig Christiansen

  9. Sagar Pun says:

    Not with that line up…

  10. Dagny Rose says:

    GN’R to headline again thanks 😻🤘🏻❤️

  11. We ordered RIP tickets. Its usually a month before the festival that we receive tickets, isn’t it? 🤔

  12. Danny Moore says:

    Simron Ronnie Thiara

  13. Heather Knox says:

    Imogen Grant HAVE U GOT URS

  14. Amy Horseman we need to sort this out

  15. Can’t until I can book holidays from work.

  16. Fred LM says:

    good evening when are the day tickets?

  17. I live for that day 🙌

  18. Helena Lavin says:

    Booked but the line up isn’t great.

  19. Nathan Holmes Steph S Guest

  20. Binks Steven says:

    Maybe with a new headline but it’s more or less the same every year 🤷🏻‍♂️

  21. Martin Rand says:

    It’s a pity you can’t get your imagination in gear and book acts that weren’t on the endless carousel of appearances every three years. I’m moving to Spain at the end of October and 2022 will be my 2020 ticket revisted. If it doesn’t improve in the future it’ll be RockAmRing in the future and sod the crap weather, pissy beer and mediocre lineups.

  22. Mark Avery says:

    June can’t come soon enough as it’s been far too long (since the Pilot 😂)

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