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Download news: Who’s ready for Deftones EPIC return to Donington next year at DL2022?…

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Who’s ready for Deftones EPIC return to Donington next year at DL2022? 🤘🔥

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44 Responses

  1. Fe Alicia Sullivan says:


  2. Oliver Hadi says:

    Deftones and epic in the same sentence, first time for everything I guess.

  3. Dean Llewellyn says:


  4. Peter Barraclough says:

    OH YESSS!!!!

  5. Jayson Brown says:

    Nah mate

  6. Jonny Watts says:

    Loved them in 2016! 😍

  7. Pete Dobosz says:

    Oh yes! We cannot wait to see Deftones on main stage 🤩 Sonia Dobosz

  8. Gareth Jones says:

    Chris Jones what you reckon bro

  9. Jaram Holland says:

    They were terrible when I saw them a couple of years ago at Download.

  10. Natalie Egbunike says:

    💯 me 👉😀👈!!!

  11. Mush Morgan says:

    I went in 2016
    Brilliant band

  12. Dave Peters says:

    Not sure I can watch a Deftones set, just for a cover of “Epic”.

  13. Lauren Lloyd says:

    Calluum Devine yes pls

  14. Rob Goodier says:

    They should be headlining since koi no Yokan

  15. Andre Diaz says:

    Ricardo Turri Cayo Valsamis

  16. Jon Danger White Mate says:

    Miraclees Boot

  17. Ashley Joseph Scowcroft says:

    Awful live, shouldn’t be so high up on the line up

  18. Andy Dickens says:

    Me me me

  19. Antony Ayres says:


  20. Nick Lynch says:

    Saw them in 2016 and was bored to tears! 😞

  21. Conrad Barnes says:

    No thank you, boring af!

  22. Jessica Bullock says:

    Dionne Yates

  23. Sheigh Garstang says:

    Louise Erica Mcstein

  24. Rachel Clark says:

    Les Clark

  25. Neil Coggins says:

    Only band I’ve seen that I wanted my money back. Terrible

  26. Shane Blockley says:

    Thsts a no from me.

  27. Dan Morten says:

    Most boring band I’ve seen

  28. Barry Shepherd says:

    I love this band, so unique, got me through really tough times in my life.

  29. Chris Scales says:

    Love em in a venue but they always seem to go a bit flat on a big festival stage.

  30. Steve Downey says:

    Chris Stachyra Julie Hayward

  31. Antony Elliott says:

    And another reason why I’m not going next year.
    The Download UK lineups seem to keep getting worse, while European festivals seem to get better.
    The Americans used to be jealous of our lineups, now I want to go to some of theirs.

  32. Ben Fusedale says:

    Ngl 2022 line up is disappointing

  33. Gary Peter Collins says:

    Boring !!!

  34. Dillon Nolan says:

    Love to see them,but I’m watching paint dry that day,which is more entertainingshame

  35. Danny Smith says:

    Absolute garbage

  36. Elliot Brown says:

    DL 16 was the worst set I’ve ever seen from a band so the only way is up I imagine

  37. Richard Galloway says:

    Kevin Macaulay 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙉🙉🙉🙉

  38. Stuart James Perrin says:

    Joe Thomas

  39. Liam Eggleton says:

    Only ever post ive seen Download post where every comment in negative 😂

  40. Andrew Hickson says:

    I’m ready!!!

  41. Joe Danson says:

    Tom Anderson – you know you want to

  42. Jamie Spurs Ingham says:

    Don’t bother,better in a venue

  43. Kyle Wynn says:

    Lucy Wynn

  44. Paul Lyall says:

    Alan Thomson Alan Hepburn

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