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Download news: We’re so psyched to see A Day To Remember tear up the Main Stage at DL22! If yo…

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We’re so psyched to see A Day To Remember tear up the Main Stage at DL22! 🔥 If you’re not fully familiar with their EPIC discography, here’s our Beginner’s Guide to all seven albums 👉https://tinyurl.com/7usbhnx2

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31 Responses

  1. Steven Fox says:

    Dont get me wrong I love this band… but the line up is getting more and more predictable year on year and it’s getting a bit repetitive

  2. Alex Dunn says:

    James Stoddard thoughts?

  3. David Boylett says:

    Cal Walsh

  4. Vanessa Robljek says:

    and skip the most recent album cause no one needs that

  5. Jessica Lewis says:

    Carrie Clark

  6. Carolyn Spong says:


  7. Matthew Allen says:

    BillieJo-Anne Rossall

  8. Ryan Carr says:

    When are you bringing avenged back?

  9. Shane Thorington says:

    Awsome 🤘

  10. Alex Ingram says:

    Fancy bumping them up to headliner?

  11. Billie Cooper says:

    Joseph they heard we’re getting excited👀

  12. Lea Burdett says:


  13. Liam Inston says:


  14. Kaydon Redfearn says:

    Bunch of nonses

  15. Hazel Orbell says:

    Beth McKeating ???👀👀

  16. Fred Dinmore says:

    Didn’t know Jack Whitehall was in a band.

  17. Hollie Kate McDowall says:

    Next year ? Scott William McDowall

  18. Jaymi Marples says:

    Margaret Marples We need to see them when we’re here!!

  19. Kirsty Davies says:

    Julia Prouse

  20. David Callaghan says:

    They were brilliant in 2017. Look forward to seeing them again.

  21. Abby Harley says:

    Michael Anton

  22. Lauren Jane says:

    James Key !!!

  23. Danny James says:

    Hannah Bregazzi

  24. Bradley Dean says:

    … again what’s with the “Epic”?

  25. Jeff Glass says:

    Melissa Glass will we get tickets

  26. Josh Vesey says:


  27. Niheall Gooner James says:

    Thought Jeremy was way too drunk for it last time I saw them at download. Worst I’ve seen them.

  28. Phil Lamb says:

    Beth Kaye Chapman Connor Lamb

  29. Imogen Driver says:

    Jonathan Driver !!! maybe they’ll be coming on a uk tour?

  30. Sora Zaleski says:

    Brogan Hitchcock i really want to see them!

  31. Ruby Palfreyman says:

    Beginner’s Guide to ADTR albums: Don’t listen to the 7th one.

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