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Download news: We’re hyped to reveal that Skindred will be playing at #DL20 on Thursday!…

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We’re hyped to reveal that Skindred will be playing at #DL20 on Thursday!

Unfortunately Five Finger Death Punch will no longer be appearing at Download this year.

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27 Responses

  1. Gavin Short says:

    Suzie Driver HA!!

  2. Kelley Ghent says:

    This is great news 👏

  3. Kane Warburton buzzing 😁 x

  4. Shame about FFDP but Skindred never disappoint 🤓👍

  5. Jordan Hance says:

    Gutted it’s not Bullet for my Valentine

  6. Amie Davies says:

    We know 🤣 and we also knew who the replacement would be but thanks for finally announcing it officially 😅

  7. Well that is highly disappointing. Everyone who has ever been to download or goes to music events must have seen skindred so many times. Seen them once seen them a thousand times. I must have seen them 20 times at least.

  8. Leah Goff says:

    Chris Judge yesssssssss

  9. David Saul says:


  10. Zoe Zöe Melbourne melb

  11. Connor Sheen says:

    When will times be out

  12. I don’t mind Skindred but I would have preferred someone different seeing as I’m going to watch them in October

  13. Great news.I will have seen Benji 4 times this year with skindred and dub war

  14. Josh Hughes says:

    I wasn’t a Skindred fan.

    However, last year when the Newport Helicopter came on?

    Couldn’t help but have a great time🤘

  15. Lucy Roddy says:

    Joel Roddy!!! Xxx

  16. Natalie Gray says:

    Dominic Lammas SKINDRED

  17. Kai Purvis says:

    Shoulda been Limp

  18. Shazza Moore says:

    Ccaellann Mmoorre

  19. Still cant believe Ghost don’t have a main stage headline slot. There’s hardly a magazine cover they aren’t on lately, plus they’re fkn brilliant 🖕

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