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We are proud to work with live music accessibility charity Attitude is Everything to improve access at Download. πŸ–€ Listen to their BBC Radio 4 Appeal & donate today to support their essential work removing the barriers disabled audiences face:

Download Festival


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5 Responses

  1. Joanne Birbeck says:

    This is one thing I love about Download. Everyone is included. Without going into too much detail; went to Leeds fest a few years ago, got talking to a lady who had brought her severely disabled husband to see Eminem. The treatment they received was criminal. The disabled viewing platform was full of “carers” so they wouldn’t let her in with him even though they had booked a place. Nobody would help her except me and my husband. It was disgusting. I said to her “if you went to Download you wouldn’t even be pushing his wheelchair, 15 rockers would help you”

  2. Katelyn Browne says:

    Gary Browne would be a good listen x

  3. Pauline Harrison says:

    As a disabilities and inclusion activist in the tech and medical professions I can’t applaud this enough πŸ’™

    My son has several “hidden” disabilities, the c*** that lad takes when people see a 6ft 3″ solid built guy heading into the disabled loos, or into the disabled areas at gigs with his assistance dog, or even getting out of my car after we park in a Blue Badge zone (despite having a blue badge and a sticker saying “Not all disabilities are visible”)

  4. Francesca Helen says:

    My son is disabled (hidden) and the reception we recieved at his first Download in 2019 was amazing! We can’t wait for 2022!

  5. Vikki Scales says:

    As a disabled guest to download for a number of years – a massive THANK YOU to all that you do to make it as inclusive as you do. The access team have been fab, and any issues we’ve had were sorted efficiently.

    Can’t wait for 2022 🀘🏼

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