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Download news: Thrash metal legends Megadeth are returning to Download this summer! As we eage…

Latest Festival Flyer update from Download

Thrash metal legends Megadeth are returning to Download this summer! 🔥 As we eagerly await their new album ‘The Sick, The Dying… and The Dead’ we’ve picked out the band’s top 5 essential tracks. 🤘 https://bit.ly/3ttEGZg

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19 Responses

  1. Jake Nixon says:

    Dan Blount

  2. Scott Stuart Clark Mcdonald says:

    Can’t wait

  3. Russell Shaw says:

    Along with Iron Maiden- Dimi Gi

  4. Will Howard says:

    Can’t wait to be back ! Check out Fat franks special offer, single airbed inflated and collect from the village only £4🤘https://www.fatfrankscampingshop.com/product/sanpellysquad-single-flocked-airbed/

  5. Ross McDonald says:

    I think they’ll be patched pal

  6. Jack Plater says:

    Dad! Quick cancel all of your plans! Vince Plater

  7. Owain 'Swine' Williams says:

    This is arguably thee most Megadeth-y title in their catalogue tbf!
    If the music holds up to that title, this could be epic…

  8. Chris Bown says:

    Why are they not main stage? I mean a day to remember before Kiss some shocking line up decisions made again!

  9. Christopher John Grice says:

    Yeh…f you could just move the whole festival to the week that would be great Lucas Grice

  10. Elliott Allman says:

    I remember their last ever U.K. give back in 2005 I think it was 😹

  11. Bev Walker says:

    Rachel Rachel Pearson Briggs 😍

  12. Nicola Carnochan says:

    James Carnochan we taking Corey??

  13. Scott Dickinson says:

    You missed off Hangar 18.

  14. Joe Barker says:

    And yet you’ve got us choosing between them and Maiden, for what reason?

  15. Chris Pullan says:

    Mary Jane should be in there, surely.

  16. James Burnett says:

    They should have had a slot headlining the main stage by now cmon Andy get it sorted man

  17. Ryan Robert Hutchinson says:

    Clashing with maiden on the Saturday

  18. Richard Galloway says:

    Kevin Macaulay

  19. Ronnie Anderson says:

    Swap sweating bullets with in my darkest hour.

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