Download news: This is not a drill… it is officially 1 MONTH UNTIL DOWNLOAD RETURNS Feeling un…

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This is not a drill… it is officially 1 MONTH UNTIL DOWNLOAD RETURNS💥💥 Feeling unprepared?! Here’s Download Dog’s guide to getting festival ready🤘👉

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26 Responses

  1. John Milthorpe says:

    We’ve been ready for two years.
    Probably going to be the messiest one yet but that’ll take some doing.
    Beating previous years will be hard.

  2. Luke Fletcher says:

    Clara Williams did you know I’m going download

  3. Adrian McVail says:

    Was looking forward to finally seeing The Distillers live :'( maybe next year!

    Still looking forward to being at the festival though! Can’t wait!

  4. Richard Falla Romero says:

    Dan Falla-Romero I can’t believe we can actually keep up with this now and not only pretend 😂

  5. Mel Morén says:

    Johnny Conway sooooo

  6. Mark Avery says:

    Gemma it’s so close I can almost touch it 😜

  7. Andrew Staff says:

    David Alexander 🙈🙈

  8. Jennifer Chan says:

    Ross Hipkiss 😌😌

  9. Francesca Carr says:

    Shannon Chatterton 🙌🙌

  10. Mike Rose says:

    Johnny Howard Lili Currington come round fast likeeee

  11. Hardwired says:

    Let’s do this! 🔥

  12. Claire Lenney says:

    Natasha Sturgeon x

  13. Tallulah Dallas Paddick says:

    Ruben Paddick Olivia Swift 😈

  14. Jason Carl England says:

    James Coupe

  15. David Winrow says:

    Dylan Halliwell 🤘🤘

  16. Julie Sankey says:

    Allison Beth Wilson

  17. Liam Gowling says:

    Hannah Rachael-Anne Paterson

  18. Steven Haig says:


  19. Jason Douglas says:

    When do you start building the site ?

  20. David Culyer says:

    Hi guys can’t remember of previous years is the coop open on the Wednesday afternoon and will the village be open as soon as gates open

  21. Jon Ansell says:

    Ross 👍

  22. Lee Ingham says:

    You got tickets Michael?

  23. Chloe Walters says:

    Haydn 😝😝😝

  24. Karl Bate says:

    Dust that tent off

  25. Ayesha King says:

    Corinna Lomas Nicki Hargreaves woohoo😁😎

  26. Abbie Burke says:

    Stephen Cranston

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