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Download news: This is not a drill… it is officially 1 MONTH UNTIL DOWNLOAD RETURNS Feeling un…

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This is not a drill… it is officially 1 MONTH UNTIL DOWNLOAD RETURNS💥💥 Feeling unprepared?! Here’s Download Dog’s guide to getting festival ready🤘👉 tinyurl.com/5n8tj48k

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26 Responses

  1. We’ve been ready for two years.
    Probably going to be the messiest one yet but that’ll take some doing.
    Beating previous years will be hard.

  2. Clara Williams did you know I’m going download

  3. Was looking forward to finally seeing The Distillers live :'( maybe next year!

    Still looking forward to being at the festival though! Can’t wait!

  4. Dan Falla-Romero I can’t believe we can actually keep up with this now and not only pretend 😂

  5. Mel Morén says:

    Johnny Conway sooooo

  6. Mark Avery says:

    Gemma it’s so close I can almost touch it 😜

  7. Andrew Staff says:

    David Alexander 🙈🙈

  8. Ross Hipkiss 😌😌

  9. Shannon Chatterton 🙌🙌

  10. Mike Rose says:

    Johnny Howard Lili Currington come round fast likeeee

  11. Hardwired says:

    Let’s do this! 🔥

  12. Natasha Sturgeon x

  13. Ruben Paddick Olivia Swift 😈

  14. David Winrow says:

    Dylan Halliwell 🤘🤘

  15. Julie Sankey says:

    Allison Beth Wilson

  16. Liam Gowling says:

    Hannah Rachael-Anne Paterson

  17. When do you start building the site ?

  18. David Culyer says:

    Hi guys can’t remember of previous years is the coop open on the Wednesday afternoon and will the village be open as soon as gates open

  19. Lee Ingham says:

    You got tickets Michael?

  20. Haydn 😝😝😝

  21. Karl Bate says:

    Dust that tent off

  22. Ayesha King says:

    Corinna Lomas Nicki Hargreaves woohoo😁😎

  23. Abbie Burke says:

    Stephen Cranston

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