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There’s no better place to discover your next favourite band than at Download! 🔥 We’ve compiled a playlist of all the hottest up and coming artists on the line up. Whether you’re looking for new pop punk to pogo to, or something really heavy to pump up your morning commute, you’ll find something for you here! 🤘

Download Festival


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27 Responses

  1. Oliver Robert Wilkinson says:

    The price is horrendous and the line ups are getting worse how come Germany get a better line up and is hell of a lot cheaper than ours here in the 🇬🇧

  2. Natalie Egbunike says:

    Great way to promote newer bands and get them more recognition. This way we may stop having to complain about the same headliners/ bands playing every year if we take more notice of up and coming bands.

  3. Tristan Ashford-Smith says:

    I discovered a day to remember a few a years ago….they are now one of my fav bands

  4. Yzzy Howell says:

    Who is that in the pic?

  5. Danny Avery says:

    Wargasm 🥰

  6. Jack Day says:

    Idk, Spotify is pretty good.

  7. Danny Avery says:

    Semi related but given the reception Eternal Blue is getting, can you PLEASE bump Spiritbox up to Avalanche now?!

  8. Nicholas Hatton says:


  9. Christopher Kelly says:

    Yeah consistently find 4-5 fav new bands from the lineups. Still undecided on Wargasm but I think they’ll put on a great show live!

  10. Sam Jones says:

    There is its called your local music venue

  11. David Flear says:

    I thought it was Wes Borland ..,….

  12. Dave Lean says:

    We Really enjoyed sumo psycho. Never even heard of them before download.

  13. Darran J Wright says:

    Very true, Massive Wagons

  14. Katie Muszanskyj says:

    Honestly I saw them live for the first time a few weeks ago and LOVED them!!

  15. Phil Painter says:

    Missed 2 great English bands. Hands Off Gretel and Fury

  16. Jaymi Marples says:

    Margaret Marples Playlist 🙂

  17. Matt Rathbone says:

    I actually like this.
    Great way to promote new bands, and hopefully help them generate a following.

  18. Matt Adda Barron says:

    Top 50 albums in Louder than war 2019 with some very good company prob only get to Download grass side but you may discover something from this comment , forever trying

  19. Chris Phillips says:

    Greg Beresford very Milkieeeee

  20. Dylan Calvert says:

    I want to see;
    Motionless in White
    A Day To Rember
    Hollywood Udead
    Stone Sour
    To name a few.

  21. Darren Bradley says:

    Download is a great place to discover new bands but it’s a shame that the early bird price was hiked up over 60 quid more than 2019.

  22. Stuart Hatfield says:

    Best vand I discovered for myself at download, skinny lister

  23. Gemma Louise Prouse says:

    Issy I like that you’ve liked this which means you’re still thinking of going 😘xx

  24. Robert Templeman-Foster says:

    I actually did discover one of my new favourite bands and that’s invisions, saw them when they headlined the Thursday campsite stage, and I don’t think they’ll remember, but I came to have a chat and they found it metal as hell that I was there with a cast on my arm and a still healing broke shoulder so that was pretty sick

  25. Karl Green says:

    Duff McKagan is looking good for his age ☝️🙄😉

  26. Conor Newcombe says:

    Wargasm is no one’s favourite band

  27. Mark Skinner says:

    Yes 2003 download Festival the first time I time I see volbeat.. still love them now..

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