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🔥NEW MERCH JUST DROPPED🔥 Limited edition #DL20 Acid Wash collection now on sale, exclusively online – get yours now 👉 http://ow.ly/h7Fy50NlegH

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37 Responses

  1. Luke Barnett says:

    Pretty cool but was surprised not to see any lineup on the back.

  2. Luke Hartley I need both 🤣

  3. Pete Corker says:

    These are a proper Friday before you knock off design.

  4. Nicola Marie says:

    Lee ‘Raymond’ Marriott

  5. Dan Rochell says:

    Shirts are cool but When’s the next announcement?!??!?!?!?!?!?

  6. Those are objectively rubbish.

  7. Sonia Dobosz says:

    Eve Dobosz love these both!x

  8. Ryan Smith says:

    I mean you could buy a grey t-shirt and have that printed for cheaper. 🙄

  9. Em Moore says:

    Shane Dowell grey jumper

  10. Mush Morgan says:

    No thank you. Not with pink on it! Pink! Pink!!! Nope!

  11. Toby Loudon says:

    Love the reviews on pre order items lol

  12. Tom Matt Amy Dell Kat Emma download releasing merch already, no line up on the back…. 🤔 did they spend ALL of the budget on the headliners? 😂😂😂

  13. Mick Black says:

    The thought that must have gone into this design 🤣

  14. Tony Scott says:

    Looks like decorating gear 😅

  15. Becca Pearce says:

    Hatty Chambers May Claire Gorman

  16. Becca Pearce says:

    Kayleigh Budgie Bale Bugsie Bale

  17. Georgia Brett These look nice

  18. Download please let me do some merch designs for you

  19. I know it’s the 20th anniversary but It looks like they are from 2020!

  20. Daniel Chilvers I like the hoodie

  21. Ryan Batty says:

    A bit expensive, but i like the more sample/adult look 🙂

  22. Shannon-Summer Atkiss

  23. “We need something iconic like DL20 but not as lazy and obvious”

    “Got you fam.”

  24. Joe Lanham says:

    Only £100 for ear plugs lolz 😆

  25. £30 for an unbranded t-shirt 🤣

  26. Oh, great: more grey things. Exactly what this world needs.

  27. Clare Wood says:

    How about some more inclusive sizing! Only going to an XXL is ridiculous

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