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Download news: Anyone else had Creeper’s new EP ‘American Noir’ on repeat since it came out? A…

Latest Festival Flyer update from Download

Anyone else had Creeper‘s new EP ‘American Noir’ on repeat since it came out? 🤘 Ahead of their appearance at DL2022 we chatted to frontman Will Gould about the stories behind the EP and what it was like to play the Download Pilot. 🖤 bit.ly/3uIdlBf

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14 Responses

  1. Gwen McCreath Walton says:

    my husband Dan Walton and daughter Robyn McCreath

  2. Lee Thomas Sanderson says:

    Cheers for the recommendation 🤘

  3. Effie Foreman says:

    Yep. 🖤

  4. Jonny Shields says:


  5. Dion Etherington says:


  6. Ricardo Mooney says:


  7. Ross McDonald says:

    Nah man they are a bit rubbish

  8. Adam Gregson says:


  9. Nicky Dr-Girlfriend Brennan says:

    They’re not my kind of thing, but having seen them perform, they’re good at what they do if they are your sort of thing.

  10. Steffan Evans says:

    Rubbish haha

  11. Dan Pickering says:

    Worst band I ever had the misfortune of seeing. Fortunately they were just the support act but put such a bummer on the rest of the gig. Truly, truly awful band!

  12. Robert AxltoSlash Berry says:


  13. James Salt says:

    Not a chance 🤣

  14. Simon Ireland says:

    when will you start promoting decadent groups

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