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Cursus Cider Festival news: ** IMPORTANT INFO **…

Latest update from Cursus Cider Festival


We have become aware that a company called Events UK have started a Facebook event purporting to be Cursus Cider & Music Festival, and are inviting people to co-host and ‘like’ it. We’re not sure why but it seems to be an attempt to link people up with their own business, and we’re currently asking them to take it down as we have no knowledge of or affilation with them. At worst it could be some kind of scam.

The only official Cursus event is at https://www.facebook.com/events/2332600576778056 which you can tell by the amount of people going / interested. Please don’t accept requests from any events purporting to be us, or if you’ve already accepted then please remove yourself

Thanks for listening – have yourselves a safe and wholesome weekend!!

The Fuelled By Cider Crew


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