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Coastal Currents news: Hear Now – An evening with Trevor Watts & Veryan Weston

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This is going to be exquisite. But we are all booked out. However there may be a space or two if for whatever reason ticket holders don’t turn up. So arrive at 8pm (no earlier please so we can process ticket holders first) and we will try to squeeze you in, coz this is a one-off and we expect magic. HEAR NOW An evening with Trevor Watts & Veryan Weston
FREE, Seats limited so reservation is a must.

If you have tickets you will not be making use of please email admin@sweetanddandy.co.uk so we can pass them on.

A new film by Mark French featuring a legendary performance by musicians Trevor Watts, Veryan Weston, Hannah Marshall and Alison Blunt. Recorded at Café Oto earlier this year and re-mixed by Trevor to make an extraordinary new piece of music.
This is followed by a live performance of Trevor & Veryan’s “Quantum Illusion” project. As a duo they have been at the cutting-edge of improvised music for many decades, from Trevor’s inception of the Spontaneous Music Ensemble in the 60’s to recent collaborations demonstrated in the accompanying film.

Free music at its most visceral and tender, a roller coaster ride of note perfect emotions.


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