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Starry Skies Festival

August – Monnow Valley, Wales Starry Skies is about making sure that families have everything they need to have a Great British holiday experience. Lots for kids to do, in a safe environment. It is staged by a small team of individuals who have been producing award-winning, sustainable events for longer than they can remember!…
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Love Trails Festival

July – Weobley Castle, West Castle Farm, Llanrhidian, Swansea, Wales Love Trails Festival is the world’s first running and music festival, founded in Wales in 2016. During the day you can enjoy trail running adventures, excursions to the beach, wellness & adventure activities, talks, heavenly food and laid-back music selections. At night, two stages host…
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The Green Gathering

August – Chepstow, Wales The Green Gathering festival runs on a non-profit basis, created by a community of people who love festivals, are passionate about the environment and social justice, and want to share our passions as widely as possible. They aim to put on an authentic, inspiring, diverse, non-commercial, hugely fun festival that goes…
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Fire in the Mountain Festival

June – Cwmnewidion Isag, Trawsgoed, Aberystwyth, Wales Fire in the Mountain is an intimate 1,000 capacity folk and roots music festival held on a remote farm in the foothills of the Cambrian Mountains. The festival raises money and pays for skilled volunteers to help renovate and maintain the beautiful farm, which is slowly diversifying to…
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