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Carfest news: Jaw-dropping DJ sets on Main Stage!! This is just one aspect of CarFest 2022… …

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Jaw-dropping DJ sets on Main Stage!! This is just one aspect of CarFest 2022… Who do you want to see?



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21 Responses

  1. Steve Gibbs says:

    Basement Jax @ North lol

  2. Mike Williams says:

    Gok at North and basement jax also max Tyler who was amazing at South this year

  3. Michaela Mulligan says:

    Howard Donald again at south PLEASE 😍

  4. Mick Castle says:

    Gerry cinnamon

  5. Steve Wynn says:

    I don’t want to see any djs on the main stage…

  6. Rhian Gurney says:

    Gok Wan was absolutely amazing – he definitely deserves main stage!

  7. Mark Josey says:

    I wanna see local DJ and Ice Hockey Announcer Daren Bavister! Local Legend!

  8. Kelly Ann says:

    Basement jax, Judge Joules, and Pete Tong xx
    North xx

  9. Steve Walters says:

    Be nice to see some bigger acts at North to replicate South

  10. Viqi Doyle says:

    Becky hill vocals with any DJs

  11. Sara Worsley says:

    Gok, Gok, Gok!!!!!!!! He was fabulous at Carfest north this year ❤️❤️🤞🏻🤞🏻

  12. Steve Stretch says:

    I can do a set of your stuck dust off my black lace album

  13. Jerry Brushwood says:

    Graham Norton

  14. Mark Grimes says:


  15. Alan Kemp says:

    Oh goody people plugging usb into sound system and pretending to mix stuff together. Hardly live music is it?

  16. Charlotte Parry-Jones says:

    David guetta

  17. Katie Tambascia says:

    James Blunt !! Hope he comes back to carfest south

  18. Tina Jones says:

    Judge jules,GOK,faithless again for a good old rave! Wish Tom Walker and Sophie Ellis-Bextor were doing North. Whoever is on, it will all be fab x

  19. Anita Taylor says:

    Gok, North on Saturday please x

  20. Mick Knox says:

    Can’t wait to see Craig Charles.

  21. Allison Gilchrist says:

    Craig David!

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