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Carfest news: Hello CarFesters! The sun is shining and the gates are open Laverstoke Park Farm…

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Hello CarFesters! The sun is shining and the gates are open Laverstoke Park Farm. Where will you head to first? Have a fab day β˜€οΈπŸŽͺπŸŽ‰

CarFest for BBC Children in Need


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25 Responses

  1. Traffic horrendous trying to get there 😒

  2. Tents up. Everything sorted. Glass of wine on the go before we head in…

  3. Emma Simpson says:

    Over a mile walk from the car park with a baby and a toddler. We’ve now been queuing to get in for 1 hour- not the best start CarFest organisers, please sort it out for future visitors …
    PS- I’ve attended CarFest every year since it started and this poor organisation makes me question whether we’ll be back next year.

  4. If anyone is interested i have 4 tickets for sunday please inbox.

  5. Tim Kemp says:

    No problems tent up and coffee made.

  6. Traffic horrendous to get here and now have been in a queue to get in for an hour and still not even half way up. People fainting from heat. This is crazy and really badly organised. First and last time we’ll be coming.

  7. Liz Tanner says:

    We have tickets for Sunday, never been before. Any tips to try and avoid the traffic/queues, what do we need to bring??

  8. Jim Hall says:

    Entrance from red car park security is shambolic over an hour in the sun with no organised queuing it was like a rugby scrum, children crying the organisers have seriously under estimated how many staff were required. Looking around you’ve obviously made it bigger and sold more tickets but not taken that into account. Shame as if it’s going to be like this next year we won’t be coming.


  10. Too late as all tickets are Sold Out !!!

  11. Sarah Savage says:

    Amazing weather CarFest south’ers. Better than us soggy Northerners. Have a ball!! 😎🎢

  12. Will Hibberd remember our Carfest ?

  13. Overall we have had a good day but probably won’t come back next year….
    We queued for 2 1/2 hours in total (in car and on foot) with 2 young children towards the end needing the loo…
    And in the full sun in such a large crowd it got so hot. Young children and babies all around really struggling with the heat and several people around us fainted. There appeared to be only a handful of people swapping tickets for armbands and insisting they stick them on us, madness. A real shambles. Huge shame as we came because people had raved about the event.

  14. Karen Powell says:

    Music fantastic great atmosphere but Bring food queues over 1 1/2 hrs and a potty too many people not enough facilities sorry to sound miserable been coming for 4 years but this will be our last. πŸ˜“

  15. Traffic great ! Organisation great ! Music amazing ! Not enough Paul heaton ! But all round fab as always !

  16. Dave Wills says:

    10 secs in guys!! Marie, Sophie & ChloΓ©, gotta be good on the pause button lol

  17. Kate Lovejoy says:

    If only the queue had really gone this fast… an hour and 20 mins to get through security. There really were not enough people on the gates…

  18. Mark Elsdon says:

    Dreading coming on Sunday now after reading these! All public events have greater security than ever before so, for everyone’s security and peace of mind – I don’t personally mind waiting a bit longer to allow those checks to occur. But the organisation sounds like it needs a big helping hand to get people in and out quickly and safely. If it’s hot, access to water and shade etc. No idea what gettting in on Sunday will be like. We have to travel down from Cambridge and return same day as we couldn’t find affordable accommodation in the area for the family – and we looked upto 25 miles around CFS over the last few weeks. Bank holiday w/end didn’t help either!

  19. Had a fab time, great music BUT the traffic coming from Basingstoke was much worse than previous years and the 1.5 hr queuing to get a wristband was a complete joke and total lack of organisation, never experienced this in previous years, which also meant that the kids were way to late to get booked on anything -disappointing!

  20. Great day out but queuing to get in for 90 mins and then again for wristbands in the scorching heat wasn’t pleasant – kids missed out on some experiences as we eventually settled down 2hrs later than planned!!!
    Better organisation required for next year!!

  21. Amy Harvey says:

    Fantastic family day! Great organisation. Great music line up and great weather! See you next year x

  22. We had a lovely day today thoroughly enjoyed the red arrows

  23. If the queue had gone this fast it would have been great but unfortunately after walking over a mile from the car park we took over an hour to get through the gates.
    In hot sun no fun. This was Friday, hopefully they have got their act together by now. Spoilt an otherwise great day.

  24. F onlythe queue had been that quick…we STOOD for 2 hours on Friday and no shelter for anyon… many little ones were suffering from sun/heat exposure

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