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CarFesters had an absolute blast with this band this year… So we had to do it all over again! After all it is All About You! 😉 McFly are officially attending CarFest North, Saturday 23rd July and CarFest South, Friday 26th August! Sign up to our waiting list to be first in line for the next release of tickets!




19 Responses

  1. Andrea Jackson says:

    Fab. Loved these last year

  2. Melanie Pearson says:

    Yes 🥳🥳

  3. Noelle Fancy says:

    Megan Fancy they are back again this year!!!

  4. Stacey Brewer says:

    Rachel Haworth here we go again 😂😂😂😂

  5. JoBo Anderson says:

    Jacqueline! How can you say no now????

  6. Caroline Cleaver says:

    So happy they are coming to south too this year. They were brilliant last year 😍

  7. Lisa Coffey says:

    Simon Coffey can we book please😍

  8. Kerry Harbord says:

    Mat Harbord Cathryn Perkins cannot wait! 🕺 🎶

  9. Susan Grimm says:

    Jo Strange 👀 this one and thought of you…..again!!! 😂

  10. Bernadette Blizzard says:

    Fab they was awesome last year 👍
    Need some more good bands last year we was the poor relations !!

  11. Mike Albert says:

    They were fantastic last year

  12. Paul Hayhurst says:

    Wasn’t expecting to like these but they were brilliant last year

  13. Gemma Howatt says:

    They were great last year!

  14. Michelle Doherty says:

    Amazing! They were awesome last year! X

  15. Sarah-Craig Emeny says:

    Angela Compton Yay McFly Friday night!

  16. Glynis Hobson says:

    Loved McFly last year can’t wait

  17. Suzanne Gunby says:

    Great…loved them last year will love them this year!💕

  18. Debbie Daniels says:


  19. Jackie 'leadley' Turner says:

    Woo hoo that’s fab news

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