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When is the right time to take kids to their first festival? We think the sooner the better! We’ve created a very safe environment for every age group at Camp Bestival, but if you’re a new parent or not quite sure if your kids are ready to take on their first festival take a look below for some reassuring info…

1️⃣Are there Baby Changing facilities? – YES, we have Baby Change tents at both festivals, providing safe, clean and friendly places to change your baby, relax, feed and play, all run by local NCT groups.
2️⃣Can I get around easily? Off road buggies would fair best on site (not city strollers) but we find one of the best things you can do for small, tired legs is to invest in or hire a trolley! Great exercise for parents, but also a great safe space for kids to take in the festival or to take a little nap or break should they need it.
3️⃣Will it be loud? There are some spaces that will be louder than others, but we cater for all needs including children with sensory needs. However, it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of ear defenders for little ones especially if they aren’t used to loud music or you want to block out some noise should they fall asleep.
4️⃣Will they sleep? Will we sleep?! Although we can’t guarantee a full night’s sleep, we do know that we will tire your kids out and they will go to sleep very happy! Campsites are designed for families and full of likeminded folk, so you are in very good company when it comes to camping, bedtimes and parenting. There are some amazing black-out tents available on the market or why not upgrade yourselves with one of our Boutique Camping options (see website for more info!)
5️⃣What is there for kids to do? Where to start! We have so much for under 5s (too much to list!) but to give you a taster we have: soft play, early morning theatre shows and workshops, sensory tents and spaces, peaceful woodland play areas for earthy play, chilling out and exploring, live shows from Mr Tumble, hands on arts and crafts, amazing live music, mud pie making, baby yoga and baby sensory to name but a few!
6️⃣Where can we chill out? We know it can be a lot for parents and children coming to a festival for the first time. The fresh air and excitement can be a lot for little ones (and big ones!) to process, so if you need some down time we have just the spaces and places to find some quiet to relax and reset. There are shaded areas in the woods, plus many indoor stages/tents if you have any concerns about hot weather.
7️⃣What if my child gets sick? We have a 24 hour hospital on site, so if you need anything whilst you’re with us just pop by and get some advice.

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