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Camden Rocks news: NOVEMBER RECAP! An alt-metal onslaught this weekend and three huge parties anno…

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NOVEMBER RECAP! πŸ’₯ An alt-metal onslaught this weekend and three huge parties announced to wrap up the year. Christmas, New Year, it’s all closing in… don’t miss out on tickets 🀘

26 Nov πŸ”₯ DeadFlight, Hellforged, Hypnogator, Beyond Ties, FOXHAUNT, Electron Band, Chaos Reigns, Tara Elliott, Keystone Band at Fiddler’s Elbow.

16 / 17 Dec πŸŽ… Camden Rocks Xmas Party Weekender: https://dice.fm/bundles/camden-rocks-xmas-bash-pg3y

31 Dec πŸŽ‰ The Camden Rocks New Year’s Eve Bonanza: https://link.dice.fm/b160d80e952b

plus our weekly Blackout & Camden Rocks Club nights πŸ”Š

ALL TICKETS 🎟 camdenrocks.seetickets.com

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  1. DeadFlight says:

    9 awesome bands, Β£10?! Cant grumble at that, we’re so excited to play! πŸ–€πŸ€˜

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