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Cambridge Folk Festival news: Tune in to Sky Arts tonight from 9-11pm to catch the second episode of their bri…

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Latest update from Cambridge Folk Festival

Tune in to Sky Arts tonight from 9-11pm to catch the second episode of their brilliant coverage of this year’s Festival!

Cambridge Folk Festival


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19 Responses

  1. Bill Cormack says:

    Thank you for reminding me that this is on Sky and not the BBC. Why can we not all see this?

  2. Wish I could see this but I don’t have Sky!! What are you doing to make this available to all of us?

  3. Chris Murray says:

    Because Sky is their broadcast sponsor. The BBC used to cover it but they don’t do it any more. I suggest you have a word with them – not the festival. I’ve subscribed to Sky Arts for years, just so that I can watch the festival.

  4. Very disappointing! Would love to watch this but we do not have Sky 🙁

  5. Phil Day says:

    Wouldn’t touch a Sky/Murdoch subscription with a very long bargepole – no need to if you subscribe to Virgin, Sky Arts is included in their TV package.

  6. Tim Price says:

    Suspect it will be different to the one we saw!😉

  7. The Festival needs to make money. Sponsorship is essential to securing its viability. If you think your tickets cover all the costs you’re living in cloud cuckoo land. A £10 Now TV box and £5 for a month’s access to Sky channels on it will allow you to watch all 4 hours of the coverage at any point in the next month at least. (They also have 2015s Festival on as well at the moment as a bonus).

  8. Alice and Daniel, something to do for next year? Xxx

  9. Hey guys. Interesting to read his feedback. Just a few points to note. The Festival does not have any sponsorship deal with Sky and we do not make any money out of our association.

    These days it is extremely rare to get TV coverage for a festival, unless you happen to be Glastonbury, which the BBC cover to the exclusion of most other events.

    Sky TV have chosen Cambridge as one of only four events it is covering this year (the others being Download, Isle of Wight and Festival No.6) and in doing so are enabling the event (and folk music generally) to be on our screens. Whilst it may be frustrating for those that do not have access to the channel, I hope you agree that they should be applauded for covering the music and event we all all know and love, as the alternative would be no coverage at all.

    Always happy to hear and discuss views on all aspects of the Festival and we are planning some Facebook Live Q&A sessions soon so do get involved.

    All the best
    Neil Jones
    Cambridge Folk Festival

  10. Thanks for that Neil. Makes perfect sense. And the improved communication between organisers and attendees is very welcome and much needed.

  11. The sense of entitlement on this thread is ridiculous. You can virtually count on one hand the amount of festivals that get any kind of television coverage in this country (from hundreds of festivals that are happening), so the fact Sky Arts actually do it at all should be celebrated, yet people still want to have a moan about it.

    The only thing the Folk Festival get from this is the extra media coverage and the opportunity to bring the festival to a wider audience – if you think that just by virtue of buying a ticket for the festival, or being interested in the event at all, means you should have access to a tv production that will have cost Sky tens of thousands of ££ to produce, for free, well sorry I disagree.

  12. Chris Murray says:

    I think that should be the end of it, Carolyn Flett-Jones. If the BBC isn’t prepared to pay, there’s nothing the Festival can do.

  13. Would love to know who chooses the content of the televised programmes , mark err Radcliffe? No Mawkin , no Beoga , who both absolutely lit up the arena !

  14. Wish that it wasn’t just on sky arts. We don’t t have sky! Please use BBC2 again then we all have a chance to watch.

  15. we don’t have sky and most of the people I know do not either

  16. Jo Rodger says:

    Would have loved to have seen Mawkin and CC Smugglers on TV, so glad to have seen them live though, they were awesome

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