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Cambridge Folk Festival news: Great to meet our brothers from Newport Folk Festival this weekend. Exciting thi…

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Latest update from Cambridge Folk Festival

Great to meet our brothers from Newport Folk Festival this weekend. Exciting things planned for 2018 #newportfolkfest

Cambridge Folk Festival


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7 Responses

  1. Hope their beer tent doesn’t move around!

  2. Jo Rodger says:

    Will we get to know what the plans are before we book tickets this year??

  3. i sure hope so as this year as far as I am concerned only saturday was worth attending

  4. Line up was very poor this year

  5. Are ticket sales paying for this?

  6. About getting Arlo Guthrie to headline both festivals next year? Please! 😊

  7. Hi all, thanks for all your comments. Rest assured we are listening to everything that you say. We have great plans to ensure that the festival continues to move forward and appeal to both our regular, loyal customers like yourselves and also to new audiences to ensure it’s future survival for future years and generations to also enjoy. The association with Newport (with who, as a like-minded independent festival we share so much with) is an exciting one and we can’t wait to start working with them properly as we approach next year’s event.

    As a Festival, we are in an ever more competitive place these days with new customers having more choice than ever before, and for the event to continue to thrive it must evolve and be relevant to both existing and new audiences alike and that balance is something that we are acutely aware of.

    We’re passionate about the festival and we know you are too. We’ll be engaging in some more conversations with you all soon including some live Facebook Q&A sessions, so do get involved and lets keep the conversation going as, like a man on a certain BT advert once said ‘it’s good to talk’!

    All The Best…

    Neil Jones
    Cambridge Folk Festival

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