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Cambridge Folk Festival news: Cambridge Folk Festival is the perfect break from city life

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Latest update from Cambridge Folk Festival

Thanks to London Evening Standard for this brilliant write up on this year’s Festival!


Cambridge Folk Festival is the perfect break from city life

There’s nothing folkier than sitting around a table, sharing stories and jokes and taking turns to sing or play an instrument. It’s a way to spend an evening that is lost on this busy city, and a traditional way of life we have a lot to learn from. Even in a modern technological age where people see…

Cambridge Folk Festival


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7 Responses

  1. Marie Page says:

    This >>> “Londoner Jake Isaac set a precedent for the future of the event. With a high-energy set, the youngster got the crowd moving more than even some of the headliners could.”

  2. The whole event was very relaxing, I feel very chilled now!

  3. Mike Harper says:

    Great Fest🎸🎤🎻👏👏👍

  4. Never seen ‘cross bread’ spelt like that before!

  5. Mary Power says:

    Kieran Hannan Eileen Hannan Patricia O’Dwyer

  6. That’s never been a review

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