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CaCamden Rocks news: BAND SUBMISSIONS! Want to hit the stage at Camden Rocks Festival 2019? Submissi…

Latest update from CaCamden Rocks

BAND SUBMISSIONS! 👉 Want to hit the stage at Camden Rocks Festival 2019? Submissions are open! Submit your band for one of our regular #presents shows via the link below.

At: https://camdenrocksfestival.com/band-submission/

Camden Rocks Festival


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34 Responses

  1. Alex Kerr says:

    Page Pomfret

  2. Alan Robert Izod says:

    Alex Olivier Walker

  3. Temmy Taliana Smith says:

    Mikey Lingfield

  4. Sarah Spedding says:

    Tola xxx

  5. Sonny Mayo says:

    John ‘jj’ McDonagh

  6. Annie Callahan says:

    Glenn Rice Orion Powell

  7. Simon White says:

    Dean Leggett

  8. Craig Haycock says:

    Phil Hughes Jam Christopher Fowles

  9. Mark Day-winter says:

    Steve Kitchener go for it

  10. Babs Lee says:

    Greg Butler? 🤘

  11. Jennie Mullen says:


  12. Samantha Perryman says:

    Jerome Alexandre Brian Perryman
    Bob Bright
    Baz Dedhevan

  13. Aimee France says:

    Kevan Hardman

  14. Joana Casaca says:

    João Casaca

  15. Rose Taylor Watkins says:

    Simon Warlow

  16. Alana Ashby says:

    Sebastian Bowen

  17. Duncanson Austinson says:

    Children of the Fuzz,Eric Eric Austin-Coskry,Matt Hartley

  18. Dave Carroll says:

    Stuart O’Brien

  19. Natasha Barrett says:

    Tash Collie Helena Poz Roisin Connon 🤩

  20. Caity Stark says:

    Nick Pinkney Jules Davies

  21. Brigit Eames says:


  22. Georgia Casey says:

    Thomas Townsend

  23. Louise Jones says:

    2 tickets for sale

  24. Jim Green says:

    Elliot Pomfret Anthony Smith

  25. Nikki Johns says:

    Seen this Trojan Aaron Twotone Malone Beard?

  26. Sonny Mayo says:

    John ‘jj’ McDonagh

  27. Alex Praag says:

    BEn PraAg

  28. Jan Ayres says:


  29. Danielle Walker says:

    James O’Connor ee!

  30. Sandra Pineda de Richards says:

    Kevin, any of the bands you know?

  31. Andy Flanagan says:

    Mario Josephides Stephen Josephides

  32. Stephen Josephides says:

    GreekTragedies BAND

  33. Ian Messenger says:

    Ben Sor Burke

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