By The Sea Festival news: We’re excited to announce that Kaiser Chiefs will be coming to Dreamland on Sunday 5th September!…

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Latest update from By The Sea Festival

We’re excited to announce that Kaiser Chiefs will be coming to Dreamland on Sunday 5th September! 😍

With seven original studio albums, platinum record sales, a volley of top ten singles and three Brit Awards, Kaiser Chiefs continue to be one of Britain’s most treasured artists.

Tickets will be on sale Friday 2nd July at 9am and you can find out more here πŸ‘‰

Dreamland Margate


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40 Responses

  1. Tor Ball says:

    Sean Bradley Callum Brady I wanna go

  2. Sam Robinson says:

    Stuart Clifton

  3. Kelly Burton-Howell says:

    David Burton-Howell I wanna go!!

  4. Sophie Collins says:

    Chloe Cleworth 😍😍😍

  5. Heidi Brook says:

    Stephen Brook

  6. Sophia Smith says:

    Sammy Goldfinch

  7. Rachel Cull says:

    Sam James Thompson Joy Woodcock

  8. Michelle Allen says:

    Anthony Durrant

  9. Alan Farrell says:

    Clare Farrell

  10. Emma Jane says:

    Stuart Plumridge

  11. Becca Harman says:

    David Hart πŸ‘Œ

  12. Alisha Falconer says:

    Wendy Bear

  13. Caroline Martin says:

    Dave Lane

  14. Grace Harvey says:

    Anna Harvey x

  15. Natasha Brown says:

    Sheila Smith 😱

  16. Debbie Griggs says:

    Peter Griggs

  17. John Vinson says:

    Billy Vinson

  18. Kelly West says:

    Matthew West

  19. Court X Jean says:

    Victoria Frost don’t you like these ? Xx

  20. Lee Weeks says:

    Adam Weeks family night

  21. Leah Underwood says:

    Lewis Byrne Daisy Austin

  22. Daniel Parks says:

    Gemma Louise Parks

  23. Kelly Arnold says:

    Amelia Ann-Marie

  24. Luci Stevenson says:

    Jessica Jones

  25. Cleo Thompson says:

    Teresa Bourn thought of you x

  26. Tony Rackham says:

    Fiona Rackham I predict a riot! πŸ’™πŸ’›

  27. Jilly-Anne Skinner says:

    Tim Lawrence thought of you their always brilliant live

  28. Ashley Crane says:

    Not sure on this one… I predict a riot 😧

  29. Paige Buchanan says:

    Jamie Naylor Daniel Faulkner

  30. Reuben Harris says:

    Cheryl Harris date night? X Steve Shaw Heidi Wrann

  31. Hester Smith says:

    Liam Byford

  32. Janette Brook says:

    Wow love them x

  33. Tasha Anderson says:

    Tom Bruce

  34. Karen Sinclair says:

    Atalanta Olbrechts

  35. Lucy Starke says:

    Nicola Smith

  36. Carly Lines says:

    Vyckie Abbott

  37. Daniel Kemp says:

    Laura Savage this would be cool?

  38. Larissa Harrison says:

    Dreamland Margate do we have a ticket price yet?

  39. Louisa Soudan says:

    Dan Rowe

  40. Danielle Lambert says:

    Dave Lambert

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