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They’re here! The talent have just arrived 🀩 Searchlight Pictures Empire of Light

Dreamland Margate



36 Responses

  1. Dreamland cinema, I’m desperate to get in this building and relive my childhood πŸ₯° please show the film to public?

  2. Rob Black says:

    Can’t wait to see this 😊

  3. Karen Dolman says:

    Have a wonderful day. Are you taking the opportunity to fund raise? I’d be out there with a bucket for you if I wasnt so far away in a dreary Peak District!

  4. Wayne Gwilt says:

    It amazing that an iconic place and iconic building stands strong in this age and being used in films amazing ❀️❀️❀️ love dreamland

  5. Dreamland Cinema, *The* Dreamland Cinema, please make this screening public to relive this buildings Art Deco splendour and help finance Dreamland and convince Thanet District Council to return it to continual use as a functional cinema

  6. Sue Huggett says:

    So, has it been restored to this level? Surely doesn’t need much more to re-open to the public? Answers, please, Dreamland!

  7. Kelly Mccone says:

    My Auntie worked at Dreamland cinema until the day it closed. Such fond memories, so it was fantastic to be cast as an extra in 2 amazing scenes with Olivia Colman and Colin Firth in this film πŸ₯° Booked to see it tomorrow. First showing! Can’t bloody wait! πŸ™‚ and this picture is taken where I filmed one of my scenes!

  8. Simon Farmer says:

    Well I’m absolutely gobsmacked. Is that picture inside the original Dreamland cinema building or on the soundstage that was put up next door? If it’s the actual cinema building and it’s been restored then I never thought I’d see this in a million years.

  9. Liz Kelliher if only we were there today!

  10. Simon Farmer says:

    Come on Dreamland! What’s the story here?

  11. Do you know where this is Sarah Hembra-Vella ?

  12. Alex Clark says:

    They should be going to The Carlton Cinema where the public are welcome

  13. Adam Nesbit says:

    Dreamland cinema needs opening again

  14. Lucy Sarah says:

    A shame Michael ward isn’t there

  15. David Rutter says:

    is that Antony Worrel Thompson on the right ?

  16. It is tragic that the plot of the film isn’t reflected by premiering it at the very cinema it is filmed at!

  17. Simon Farmer says:

    Surely someone who lives in Margate knows what has been going on over all these months with regard to the cinema building? If it’s been restored I can’t believe it hasn’t been mentioned in the local press and on TV!

  18. Kim Twyman says:

    Lovely to see Dreamland cinema as amazing as it was when I was growing up and being in the Projector box with my brothers when they were projectionists there back in the good old days…
    70s and 80s

  19. Kim Hart says:

    Such a shame Dreamland cinema is no longer in use πŸ˜₯

  20. I had no idea the interior of dreamland cinema was still in such good condition, I wish they would reopen it

  21. Wayne Wyatt this is inside the old bingo hall!

  22. Claire Mina says:

    Looking forward to to well done

  23. Simon Farmer says:

    It’s clear from all the posts on here that nobody seems to know what the hell is going on. That picture of Sam Mendes and the cast is clearly inside a restoration or recreation of the original Dreamland cinema. I know this because I’ve studied the building for years. So this begs many questions. If the cinema has been restored why does it appear from other posts on here and from pictures on the Carlton Cinema Facebook page, that the premiere of Empire Of Light is taking place at the Carlton?

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