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By The Sea Festival news: Ride operators, Cashiers and Games staff wanted!…

Latest update from By The Sea Festival

Ride operators, Cashiers and Games staff wanted! πŸ“’

Do you think could drive the Waltzer or Twister? Or maybe you would like to run a roundabout or hook a duck with some of our smaller guests? Our rides partner is looking for lively, energetic and hard-working people to join their existing team 🎠

There’s a variety of exciting roles to suit all ages and skills with full training, plus competitive wages with a performance related bonus scheme.

If you are aged 16 and above and are available to work weekends and school holidays from May 28, please get in touch!

For more details please contact Tom at tomperry2009@hotmail.co.uk

Dreamland Margate



23 Responses

  1. Paige Lehan says:

    Kaylen Lehan

  2. Laura Bennett says:

    Princess Tallulah Bennett for Fruffie & her mates?x

  3. Dinah-May Adams says:

    Liberty Ritchie it’s a fun job xx

  4. Katie Frost says:

    Alicia Frost

  5. Aline Stewart says:

    Eve Stewart

  6. Claire Michelle says:

    Michelle Farrant this could be a fun job x

  7. Sharon Doyle says:

    Caitlin Doyle xxx

  8. Jayne Rockingham says:

    Tristan Scott

  9. Cara Grounds says:

    Emma Coombs

  10. Caroline Mcintyre says:

    Harvey McIntyre

  11. Lucy Ann says:

    Harry Homewood

  12. Char Tamara says:

    I have sent emails and had no reply

  13. Louise Deadman says:

    Amy Carey if Lewis is still looking for something xxxx

  14. Mark Hayter says:

    Alfie Waugh

  15. Ok George says:

    Sent my email! πŸ’—

  16. Martin Luke Douglas says:

    Ok George

  17. Lisa Holsten says:

    Liam Bradshaw

  18. Hollie Wilkins says:

    Tejay Wilkins

  19. Vanessa Wade-Brooks says:

    Millie Cook

  20. Ella Kehoe says:

    Charlie Waller extra summer job??

  21. Caroline Vine says:

    Brandon Pagett x x

  22. Daniel Doust says:

    Mitchell Elliott

  23. Melissa Louise says:

    Jessica Allen Jennifer Allen Sam Allen

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