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By The Sea Festival news: Did you all catch The One Show last night? We loved seeing Dreamland looking beautiful and shining …

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Did you all catch The One Show last night? We loved seeing Dreamland looking beautiful and shining brightly. πŸ™Œ πŸ™Œ Oh, and just between us, we’ve got no plans to sell the Dreamland cinema building, because we love it way too much! ❀️

Dreamland Margate



26 Responses

  1. Any chance it will re-open one day?

  2. Think I saw close encounters of the 3rd kind there.

  3. Jill Lovett says:

    Very sad to the state of repair inside it was such a beautiful building back in the 70s Worked in the cinema in the early 80s. Upsetting to see it inside as it is now.

  4. A watershed moment for this building imo,never will the chance be greater with such a massive spot light on it to resurrect it!🀞

  5. Karen Dolman says:

    I’ll try and catch that bit on iplayer. What time in was it? Dont want to watch the whole prog!

  6. Ali Grief says:

    That is good to hear!
    Given Empire of Light was all about a cinema, what are the plans, urgently, to restore the building to reinstate the cinema to build on this publicity? And equally the plans for the room with panoramic views and sunset position to become a restaurant and bar? Given the amazing things that are being done by eg Sargasso (in a small space with no proper toilets!) and other excellent eateries through the town there must be a serious contender wanting to run their business in this amazing space?
    The sign looks great, but with the building empty it is just a facade right now…we all hope the Jewel in the Crown is now going to be brought to life to be an integral part of Margate’s revival!

  7. Dreamland Margate what are you plans for this iconic building.. before it falls into total disrepair..

  8. It would be cool if we had a massive sports bar, various sports, various tvs. Somewhere to sit for a meal maybe a beer or 2. Chuck a couple pool tables and other pub games, and it could be quite a laugh.

  9. Ryan Saffery says:

    When’s the grand reopening!? Looked great on the big screen. Think of the money you’ll get from tourists and locals wanting to visit ✌️❀️

  10. Julia Munro says:

    Shame it’s been allowed to decay but great that Sam Mendes has now put Margate in the spotlight!

  11. Would love a tour round the building any chance this might happen in the near future ?

  12. Carol Rogers says:

    Who owns it it’s beautiful

  13. Mary Oliver says:

    Build on the success of the film and aim to restore it!

  14. Did look rather lovely just a shame it’s still empty and derelict inside. Needs to be turned into an entertainment venue especially with the winter gardens closed

  15. Jackie Gough says:

    That’s good news. Love, love, love Dreamland. Please take good care of it.

  16. Adam Nesbit says:

    Surely it needs resurrecting now I’d never go anywhere else for a film if it was open

  17. Good news although I can’t help but think a big investor could breathe life back into the building.

  18. This is a beautiful building that now has a big film made there,people may come to Margate to see it after watching the film they will be disappointed to find it’s not even open, please get this building renovated and opened for the public to enjoy

  19. It should NEVER have been closed. Restore and open it as a proper cinema again !

  20. Bring back the cinema❀️

  21. If you love it so much re-open it as a cinema then.

  22. Simon Andree says:

    Wish Picturehouse would get involved. Be perfect venue for them as fits their style.

  23. Carole Luck says:

    Robert Handscomb thought you’d like to see this!

  24. Jeni Dexter says:

    My grandmother used to work on the box office back in the day and usher ❀️

  25. David Gryc says:

    Would think this is perfect for a cinema. I would love to see it restored. These art deco buildings really need to be preserved and restored, to many got pulled down and are gone. If I was a billionaire I’d invest in it! πŸ˜€

  26. Billy Potts says:

    What a beauty whatever happens I hope they keep the main cinema.

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