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Brighton Pride news: These 13 countries voted against UN ban of death penalty for being gay

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Latest update from Brighton Pride:

These 13 countries voted against UN ban of death penalty for being gay

You might be surprised by some of the Western countries who voted against

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24 Responses

  1. David Nagel says:

    Really Japan and the US voted against the ban??? I mean China, India, Burundi, Saudi Arabia and so on, one nearly expects them to be against it, but these two so called bloody democracies???

  2. USA, leader of the free world

  3. Dirk Werner says:

    Länder, die man als Tourist meiden sollte, um denen nicht noch Geld in den Rachen zu werfen.

  4. Kevin Burton all these country’s

  5. Death penalty for being gay. That’s really outrageous. What about the death penalty for child abuse! In the day I would have beat up someone that offended my brother with him being gay. Does that apply to Lesbians also?

  6. How much international aid does this country give to any of those off that list? Should be stopped anyway but this should ensure that

  7. Sarah Hall says:

    Can’t people just be left to be happy. Love comes in many forms and if the world had more love in it it would be a better place for all humanity. I wish people would just stop trying to prevent people from living a happy and fulfilled life. There is someone for everyone in this world wether it be a man and man, woman and woman or a man and woman, whatever, love rocks.

  8. How does it happen or allowed to happen in the common Wealth?

  9. The USA no surprise given who is the president.

  10. The US?? Shocked tbh

  11. Human beings are the lowest animal on Earth. It’s that simple.

  12. In that case the uk should stop trading with then

  13. ¿Estados Unidos?? ¡Qué fuerte!

  14. Doreen Shaw says:

    I’m horrified to read these reports about killing gay people. We should be more loving not hating any more, let’s all move on and make life on Earth a better place

  15. I think they should make it illegal to be straight then we will see what happens.

  16. Paul Linwood says:

    Shame on you America. Shame on you.

  17. Monica Ayala says:

    Really USA??? 😳

  18. What even. USA? wtf.

  19. Jeremy Ford says:

    It is not a nice world we live in.

  20. 13 Countries – Death penalty for being gay. Really outrageous. It’s hard to belief were living in the 21st century.

  21. Wow.. Japan!!! Forget the USA. But Japan??

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