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Brighton Pride news: Safety Information

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Latest update from Brighton Pride:

Please do not bring a large bag to Pride events. We reserve the right to search any size bag at any time http://ow.ly/KYJ330ebBFr

Safety Information

BRIGHTON PRIDE is a weekend of huge fun and enjoyment and we don’t want that experience spoiled by anything so here’s some tips on how to make…

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3 Responses

  1. Tom Upson be safe 👍

  2. Understand about alcohol
    But @ Gate F they seemed a bit jobsworth,
    taking off everyone:
    Drinks (water!)
    and UMBRELLAS! like what’s that all about
    especially after the downpour @ 13:45 … and no arrangement for reclaim. Nothing in Q&A on the website warning about that.
    Bad Pride 🙁

  3. Coz Peters says:

    Spoilt Pride for us Taking food & soft drinks off people meant long queues at food stalls Waited 20 minutes to buy water Badly organised & no prior warning 😡

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